A Brilliant And Alarming Book Of Great Historical And Political Importance

A brilliant and alarming book, beautifully written by America’s greatest whistle blower.

Before the Pentagon Papers, before Watergate, before his involvement as an advisor in Viet Nam, Daniel Ellsberg worked in the U. S. national security system as a nuclear planner. It’s a memoir of that time, of the still classified policies of nuclear strategy, and of the secret, often reckless protocols that had been developed for their implementation.

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Much of the information and revelations in this book has never been exposed in previous memoirs by the principals of the period nor in subsequent histories. This makes it a history document of enormous importance.

This book exposes for the first time the secret plan developed by the government and approved by the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to launch a nuclear strike against Russia and China, under a range of possible circumstances, that they knew was likely to kill 600,000,000 people worldwide.

The title comes from the iconic film, Dr. Strangelove, and it demonstrates that the movie is more a documentary than a work of the imagination.

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