POLITICAL PROSECUTION: Mueller’s Hit Squad Covered For Clinton And Persecutes Trump Associates

The fallacious facade of quasi-attorney general Mueller’s “investigation” is crumbling by the minute, revealing ugly truths and the stench of a political persecution at its worst.

We learn more every day that Mueller’s team consists of corrupt Clinton cronies, donors, and sycophants; the poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct — Andrew Weissmann, former Clinton lawyer Jeanie Rhee, and “never-Trumpers” whose blatant biases have tainted this investigation — “investigation” — from its inception. Their own conflicts of interest are so palpable, the prosecution so selective, and the process so corrupt, that all charges brought to date should be dismissed and the debacle ended.

It’s hard to tell quite where and how it all began, but here is a start.

First, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Mueller lieutenant Andrew Weissmann all have longstanding, strong relationships with each other. Each of these key men worked for and with Mueller throughout their careers. The fingerprints of each of them are on the Uranium One transactions with Russia which infused the Clintons and their “Foundation” with hundreds of millions of dollars while helping Russia and depleting our supply of uranium.

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Comey followed Mueller as Director of the FBI, and the two have been close friends since they stood down President Bush on a national surveillance issue. Rosenstein worked for Mueller in the Department of Justice for several years at the beginning of his career in the now ironically named Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice. Rosenstein named Mueller as Special Counsel (with Mueller’s agreement to leave his big law firm) within seven days of Comey’s firing.

Given that extremely brief time frame, and Comey’s admitted leaks to the New York Times of his conversations with the President (which should have been protected at a minimum by executive privilege), one can surmise that three or all four of these men communicated extensively and hatched this plan for Mueller to be special counsel—if not prior to Comey’s termination, then immediately after it.

Why else would Comey tell Congress that he leaked his conversations to a friend to get to the New York Times “hoping” to trigger the appointment of a special counsel? Despite the countless scandals of the Obama administration, there was never a special counsel appointed in those eight years. Comey admitted long ago in his Bush tenure, that after his own chief of staff, his first call in a perceived crisis was to Bob Mueller.

Mueller had a hand in placing Mr. Weissmann on the Enron Task Force, allowing him to run rough-shod over most of Houston, destroy Arthur Andersen LLP and 85,000 jobs, and send four innocent Merrill executives to prison on indictments for crimes he made up while he and his team hid the evidence that showed they were innocent. Then Mueller brought Weissmann into the FBI, ultimately as General Counsel and Deputy Director. All four men have thrived in the swamp for thirty years or more. None have ever been elected to office.

As for the latest scene of something akin to “Monsters from the Deep Lagoon,” somewhere near the beginning of the Trump saga, Comey’s FBI followed on the Clinton campaign and was willing to continue to fund a Russian to compile the dossier (the Steele dossier) of slanderous smears against then-candidate Donald Trump. (Those would have been your tax dollars.)

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