2017 Car Pro Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the car lover, commuter or techie in your life? Look no further than the 2017 Car Pro Holiday Gift Guide. Here are our 13 picks both to give and to receive.

Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor: $99.99

Sure, many newer cars have built-in tire pressure monitoring systems, but chances are they’re not as sophisticated as this one. Not to mention many older cars don’t have TPMS at all. That said, we bring you the Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitoring system. It caught our eye among a sea of systems because this one gives you early detection for slow leaks.  You plug the charger into a USB port or car charger, then self-install the four sensor system (it also comes with anti-theft nuts to keep the sensors locked in place.) Then using Bluetooth and the ZUS app, you can monitor your real-time tire pressure and temp right on your smartphone. As a reminder, tire safety is something we mention often on the Car Pro and it’s not just important to monitor them but check them regularly for wear and tear.

Camaro: Fifty Years of Performance – $34

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For Camaro fans, what better gift than Camaro: Fifty Years of Chevy Performance. (The Camaro celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016.)  This coffee table book chronicles the Camaro’s rich history and features some never-before-seen archival photos from GM. By the way, Chevy is also helping Hot Wheels with its 50th birthday next year with the 2018 Camaro Hot Wheels Anniversary Edition, but that’s for those of you who have been very, very good this year.

Navdy Heads-Up Display: $499.95

Want some of the latest car technology but aren’t quite ready to buy a new car? The portable Navdy Heads Up Display allows you to join the party.  It attaches to the dash with Navdy’s magnetic mounting system. Using specially developed software, its user interface projects transparent images and data right onto the display. This includes maps, messaging, notifications, music, and other info.  It goes beyond that too with other smart features. It also responds to hand gestures so you can accept calls with the wave of your hand. It also automatically dims at night.  It’s so comprehensive that it can even read messages to you and is compatible with Siri or Google Assistant. The system is compatible with iOS 9 and 10, and Android Jelly Bean (4.1) or newer. Check out more in the video below.

Handpresso 12V Auto Hybrid: $168.00

Who has the time to stop for coffee on the way to work? Get your cup of Joe on the go (just not while you’re driving please) with the Handpresso in-car portable espresso and coffee machine. It plugs into a 12V socket and takes coffee grounds or E.S.E coffee pods. Just add water, brew and you’re ready for the day.

Tile-Mate: $19.99

Camaro: Fifty Years of... Mike Mueller Best Price: $27.34 Buy New $27.50 (as of 10:37 UTC - Details)

The gift for everyone who can’t keep track of their car key (hint, hint, Santa I hope you’re reading this.) Tile Mate is a Bluetooth tracker. It easily attaches to almost anything, be it your keys, phone, bag or whatever else. Just log into the Tile Mate app and you can locate your item. Better still, this is technology that won’t break the bank.

Diptyque Car Diffuser: $60

If fragrance is what you’re after, the new Diptyque car diffuser is an easy pick. It’s a premium fragrance brand that you can find in places like Neiman Marcus. But that’s not the real draw. It’s the exotic names of the fragrances: Baies, Ambre, Figuier, Roses, Orange Blossom, Ginger and 34. (Note: Cartridges sold separately.) The diffuser is easy to use. Just attach to the car ventilation to start a cycle. You can adjust the intensity of the fragrance by moving the diffuser’s metal grid. (Note: as of going to press, this item is sold out but you can check for it at other retailers or wait for a potential restock.)

Weego 44 Jump Starter: $129.99

For the boy or girl scout out there who wants more than just a jump starter,  we bring you the Weego 44. This portable power supply first and foremost jumps your car, truck or boat battery (up to a 7.0L gas and 3.5L diesel engine). Automatic safety protections & a series of lights and sounds also walk you through a worry-free jump. This handy save the day gadget does more, too. It also charges your phone, laptop, and even lights your way with a built-in 500-Lumen flashlight that lasts up to 28 hours. So consider your jump start problem solved and then some.

ExactMats: Price Varies

Sometimes it’s the little things in life like clear mats for your car that really make a difference. Thus, we bring you ExactMats. These gems for cars, trucks or SUVs will help protect your carpets and floorboards from anything that comes their way.

Every liner is made to meet the exact year, make, and model so they fit perfectly. You place them on the top of the original factory mat, to keep everything looking like new. They’re made of 100% pure virgin vinyl which is clearest in the industry. Plus they feature antibacterial protection and are flame retardant.

ExactMat’s been around for twenty years and has amassed 22,000 different vehicle SKUs, which covers the flooring of just about any vehicle out there. Check out more in the video below.

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit: $39.95

For those do-it-yourselfers out there who can’t bear a dirty, unwashed car, we give you the Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit. This brand has a great reputation for quality products and this 12-piece set has you covered. It includes everything needed to get your car cleaned, shiny, and protected inside and out. The only else you need is a bucket to help get the job done.

Cargo Captain: $149

This goes under the why didn’t we think of this file. This is the genius unloading solution for the person who spends a lot of time with cargo in the back of a pickup. It’s a handle with a bar in the back. You lay it the bottom of the truck bed, load your cargo on top of it, then to unload, you just grab the handle and pull the cargo towards you.  (Note: It does not function well in truck beds with plastic drop-in liners.) There are several different handle lengths to accommodate most truck bed lengths.

Black and Decker BDINF20 20-Volt Cordless Inflator: $74

So who hasn’t needed one of these before when you realize you’ve got a slow leak. This gadget is a portable inflator you can take with you to fill up your low tire if you need it. It’s dubbed an inflator, instead of an air compressor, because it does two things. You can use it for high-pressure low volume situations like a flat tire. Or you can use it for high-volume, low-pressure situations for filling up larger objects. You can also use it as a deflator to air down any Christmas decorations in your front yard. It powers up three ways,  with 110-volt house current, 12-volt DC, or a 20-volt lithium battery pack. It comes with a digital pressure gauge and automatic shutoff technology.

Handpresso 127015 12V ... Buy New $159.99 (as of 10:37 UTC - Details)

VW Cool Box: $350

Who doesn’t know someone with a nostalgia for the Volkswagen camper van. Well, now you can literally cart one around with you and fill it up with drinks to boot. Yes, it’s a stainless steel cooler/ice box on wheels. It’s 28-pounds and leakproof. Talk about being the life of the BBQ.

1959 Corvette Billiards Table: $24,995

Ok, so we don’t really expect too many people to go out and buy a $25,000 pool table. But this is just too cool to leave off the table so to speak. A Florida company makes pool tables out of classic collectible cars. They are officially licensed with a unique VIN# and Title. The pictured 1959 Collector’s Edition Corvette is officially licensed by Chevy and GM. It sells for $24,995. But there are other options, too, like the official licensed Ford Mustang 1965 Collector’s Edition for $9,995. A 1965 Shelby GT-350 table goes for $11,995.

Reprinted from Car Pro.

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