Southern Living A Southern Gentleman's Kitchen: Adventures in Cooking, Eating, and Living in the New South

Review bDustin Hillis:

Southern Living A Sout... Matt Moore Best Price: $11.12 Buy New $21.41 (as of 06:00 EDT - Details) My goal this year is to be a better cook. A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen is a easy to follow cookbook that any guy can follow. The pictures are great and the ingredients are simple and delicious! This is the first cookbook that didn’t intimidate me, and gave the confidence that I can cook some amazing dishes that are impressive… without the fancy-smancy receipts that I would never attempt to make.
I recommend this book for any man or woman! This book has helped build my confidence that I can be an awesome cook!

Review by C. Newberry:

I got this book as a present and have never really done “cookbooks” before. This one is pretty good! Everything has a photo, which is essential, and the recipes go from simple to full-fledged meals. Am I ever going to get to hunt boar from a helicopter? Probably not. But I love that the book reads like a history of the writer’s family as much as it does a cookbook on how to make a meal like “momma.”

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