Las Vegas as San Bernardino II: Ballistics Evidence Is the Key

The obvious question in the San Bernardino mass shootings in December 2015 was this: “Does the ballistics evidence at the murder scene show that the alleged shooters’ weapons were involved?”

I asked this ten days after the shootings.

The Washington Post reported this:

Agents from the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations and the ATF headed to the scene of the shooting to aid local law enforcement, authorities said.The 10 special agents from the ATF included ballistics experts and explosive specialists as well as two explosive detection canines, said Meredith K. Davis, an ATF special agent.

We are still waiting for the release of that evidence.

I ask the same about the weapons supposedly used by the alleged shooter in Las Vegas. (1) Do the rounds that killed and wounded all those people match the weapons in the shooter’s motel room? (2) Are there rounds that do not match, indicating more than one shooter?

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The ballistics evidence would answer these questions.

This is technically easy to check. It just takes time, money, and the public’s willingness to hold the investigators’ feet to the fire.

There are other unanswered (and mainstream media unasked) questions. I have a Ph.D. in history. I know what to ask. I would ask what any reporter would ask: who, what, when, where, why, and how?

1. How and where did he buy the automatic weapons?
2. Where and when did he train to master them?
3. How did he get them into the hotel room(s)?
4. How did he shoot from two windows?
5. Was he registered in both rooms?
6. Why did it take the police 20 minutes to locate which floor and room?
7. Why did it take them 52 more minutes to get to the room?

All of this is easy to check.

If the authorities do not respond, this will add fuel to the fire of disbelief.

If the mainstream media do not keep demanding this information from the authorities, then they are in bed with the authorities.

If reporters in the mainstream media do not investigate these matters independently, then the media are in bed with the authorities.

If the authorities and the media stonewall on these issues, then Obi Wan is on the job in Las Vegas.