Truth in Labeling

I find something to admire in the political left – the true left, not the version to be found in the United States.  Mostly I admire the clear vision when it comes to the Anglo-empire and its wars. But I also admire the left that is unafraid of the label socialist or even communist, the left that is unashamed of their truth.  (I hope I don’t need to add that there is much that I do not admire in the political left.)

Say it Loud, Say it Proud

The English-speaking world’s fear of calling communism, ‘communism’, by Ramin Mazaheri.

Despite openly calling for every plank of the communist platform, many in the west are fearful of using the term:

In many ways this fear is justified: communism is a dirty word in the English culture.

Of course, this might also be the strategy – why openly use a “dirty word” when you are able to achieve the same ends by subterfuge?  But I admire those who are direct, open and unafraid, as is the author of this piece:

…many well-meaning, intelligent and prominent Western leftists simply cannot or will not openly call for communism or socialism.

One such western leftist is the former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.  He has written a book, “And the Poor Suffer What They Must?” in which he apparently draws on communist economics in every form absent having a hammer and sickle on the cover.

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Varoufakis repeatedly uses the term, “political surplus recycling,” in his book.  According to Mazaheri, this term is nothing other than good old-fashioned communist redistribution and central planning, all dressed in acceptable garb.

Because deficits and surpluses are inevitable between two nations which trade, there must be a multi-national mechanism/parliament/boss which redistributes wealth from surplus nations to deficit nations in order to ensure economic balance and social/regional harmony.

Being that Greece is one of those deficit nations and Mazaheri is an unashamed communist, you will understand precisely the context and intent of the phrase.

Just say it openly, man!

Don’t be ashamed, says Mazaheri; let it all hang out.  Say it loud, say it proud!

Anglophones must accept: They are already communist, they just don’t believe it: “Central planning” does exist in Western capitalist/Anglophone countries: in the United States their economy is guided by the Pentagon, the world’s largest employer; which hands out the fruits of their taxpayer-funded research to private companies…

He nailed that one.

As for the communism already present in the Anglophone world: Do I need to get into social security for the elderly, the 40-hour work week, the living wage, universal health care, rent caps, seniority pay, capital gains taxes, progressive taxes, universal childcare, mass education, free higher education and on and on and on?

He nailed that one as well.

…Westerners and especially Anglophones…appear unable to realize their true communist paternity. And it is a single-parent household….

In this, not so much.  The west has allowed the philosophy of the true left – the true socialist and communist left – to punch holes in the vulnerabilities (and there are many) of traditional liberal and libertarian political philosophies grounded in traditional Christian values.

Instead of defending and shoring up those vulnerabilities, the west decided to take a walk on the wild side.  The west is not “a single-parent household.”  The west is the product of a beautiful young girl who allowed one too many of those equally-created men to get a little close…eventually, she gave in to temptation.  Unfortunately in this case, the father has yet to run off with another woman.

In Mazaheri’s view, the problem with not being truthful in labeling this dialogue as Marxism is that time is wasted treading the same ground that Marx already opened to the world 150 years ago.  Of course, I think it is a purposefully brilliant strategy to get the camel’s nose back under the tent even after the death of hundreds of millions and the destruction of billions.


I admire Mazaheri for this and I mean this sincerely: don’t be ashamed for what and who you are.  Of course, it would not play well as a strategy if expanding communism in the west is your goal.

In any case, while the west has taken many steps toward communism (as Mazaheri rightly points out), the road to communism in the west will still pass through cultural, and not economic, gates.  Destroy traditional western civilization and cultural norms and the only thing left will be the state.

Call that communism or whatever you want.  It is the opposite of freedom.  Those who don’t value traditional western culture are leading us down this road.


Mazaheri lives in Paris.  While riding in a taxi, he heard something on the radio which prompted a conversation with his taxi driver:

The Black taxi driver and I listening to the radio agreed: the French (the White French) are willfully blind, hypocritical, extremely clannish, their arrogance causes them to waste the talent of so many millions and billions, etc. and etc. White people are not privy to such conversations, I imagine, and that is a shame – but I can guarantee you they are routinely held among the Colored. White Communists probably have such conversations with the Colored, I would certainly expect…. (emphasis added)

Something to think about when it comes to immigration and the future of France (and the west, generally).

Reprinted with permission from Bionic Mosquito.

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