Put the Wall in the Right Place

“Experience to a politician is like experience to a prostitute – not much to recommend them”—Charley Reese

The wall along the border is like a prostitute to politicians. If it cost money that’s okay. If not, that’s okay too. Anyway, it’s never going to get built because politicians, like prostitutes need more votes from the people (not “our citizens” as the pols like to call us) to continue their careers as swamp creatures. But, a necessary wall, a wall that will prevent crime, corruption and the spreading of PD (philosophical disease) is one that the people (not “our citizens”) would find useful, and probably stem the tide of the Washington plague.

Let’s take up a private collection (if the Red Cross can do it, we can do it) for the building a wall around Washington. Let’s keep those rats and visceral swine locked inside their own debased pool of greed and narcissism. It is never going to be “drained,” so let’s just contain it. Let them die in their own metaphysical defecation.

Once it is built we can, via networks of loyalist hackers cut off their computerized lives of i-phones, laptops and everything else they use to either ignore or lie to the people (not “our citizens”). The hacking soldiers can rupture the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the multitude of cabinet offices, the Congress and the innumerable number of bureaus feeding on the financial flesh of the people (not “our citizens”).

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Then they can survive via anthropophagic sustenance and perhaps in another century the wall can follow Jericho’s wall and tumble, simply time-worn, without the blast of trumpeters.

Any form of organic law has now been erased, and the words of Patrick Henry on refusing to attend the Constitutional Convention more than echo, they resound, “I smell a rat.” The disease of Washington and its bacterial throwback philistines to the French Revolution can only be contained not removed from office. The so-called party system of governance for the people (not “our citizens”) is no more than (and has been since its beginning) a sham. Today we have two major parties. One, a party of liars; the other, a party of liars.

They see themselves living in their stolen and corrupt city as a proverbial shinning city on a hill; always trying to save life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the people (not “our citizens”). no matter how much money they have to tax and/or print to the credit, of, naturally, “our citizens.” Meanwhile, pocketing vast funds from Chambers of Commerce or “Rights” groups, they jolly well carry on their “careers.”

Any wall to be built will not come from the beasts in Washington. Again, the more people who come in the more votes they get in the so-call nation of immigrants. “So-called,” because nothing is more erroneous in truth. This “country” evolved as a union of colonists not a NOI. So, do not expect the two-party-patriots (God Bless America and Irving Berlin) to build the wall the people (not “our citizens”) want along the border. It will never happen.

The only wall that could be of use is the one needed to be built around Washington. Seal up those cockroaches until they outlive themselves.

But for that we will need a super “go-fund-it” effort.

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