10 Specific Claims Of Chemtrails And Geoengineering

We’ve probably all glanced up at airliners and jets flying up high in the sky at some point or another. While common sense tells us that the white lines coming out of planes are contrails and that they’re completely normal and harmless, the subject of chemtrails (which many people believe them to be) has been fiercely debated in recent times.

And it’s easy to see why, when repeated isolated cases seem to suggest that “something” has altered certain environments. Such conspiracy theories have been further fueled by actual admissions from government officials that such experiments have indeed taken place in the past. Here are ten specific claims of chemtrails and geoengineering that do not at all seem to be in the interests of the general population.

10 ‘Mystery Flu’ Hits The United States

In the early spring of 2016, a “mystery flu” appeared to be sweeping many parts of the United States, at least according to Dr. Len Horowitz, who claimed that “elements of the US government,” along with “Big Pharma,” are purposely harming the immune systems of American citizens in order to make huge portions of society sick.[1]

Horowitz went on to state that he had noticed (and investigated) a sudden onset of a mystery flu that he could not trace back to a logical source using conventional methods and known transition periods. What’s more, this mystery illness didn’t last for a few days but appeared to be lasting for months, with symptoms of general fatigue and sinus-type congestion. The disease was allegedly being spread via chemtrails.

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Horowitz pointed to a particular patent registered by the Armed Forces Research Institute of Pathology for a “pathogenic micoplasma” that he believed was responsible for the quiet epidemic spreading almost unnoticed around the United States.

9 ‘They’ve Been Doing This Since The 1940s’

In February 2014, a US Air Force veteran and whistle-blower named Kristen Meghan stated publicly that chemtrails are very real and that she had witnessed the evidence of it firsthand.[2] As part of her job as an environmental engineer, she was aware of exactly what chemicals were going in and out of US military facilities and what they were being used for—or at least she thought she did.

She went on to claim that increasing amounts of chemicals were being used by her department (and the Air Force at large) that had no background to them (e.g. the manufacturer’s name or the individual department that required it). When she investigated these chemicals and informed her superiors, she was quickly shut down. As she voiced her frustration on social media, she was subject to threats of incarceration and having her daughter removed from her care.

Meghan further stated that such activities have been happening since the 1940s, with the end goal geared toward controlling individual countries’ ecosystems. Perhaps her response as to where her proof of this was is quite telling: “If you try to take a picture in a restricted air hanger, you will have a M-16 in your back. People are scared to come forward.”

8 Lawsuit Against Geoengineering In Canada

In what was considered a giant step forward for geoengineering theorists’ cause, a lawsuit was filed in Canada in March 2016, primarily concerning the “spraying into the atmosphere of toxic substances and particles”—all of which were hazardous to both humans and the environment.[3] Furthermore, the plaintiffs argued, those undertaking such operations are fully aware of the damage they are causing.

The case took on geoengineering as a whole but focused extensively on repeated incidents of aircraft with “aerial discharge [that] would persist and often span across the horizon and across the length of the sky.” It was further argued that this discharge, when dissipated, was so hazy that it would “obfuscate the sun’s rays.” As a result of these chemicals sprayed into the air, citizens had suffered a variety of consequences, ranging from “emotional and psychological trauma” to general injury (sometimes serious) and even death.

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