“The Worst Elements of Society”: America’s Bolshevik Wannabes

They’ve attacked and beat up elderly people attempting to attend Trump-for-President rallies; attacked people with solid iron bicycle locks, bike racks, clubs, rocks, mace, baseball bats, and bottles filled with urine and feces.  They threw cement blocks through storefront windows in D.C. on inauguration day, claiming it to be a protest against capitalism.  They’ve set police cars, civilian cars, and buildings on fire to interrupt campus speeches by conservatives.  They hospitalized a female university professor for the “crime” of inviting conservative political scientist Charles Murray to speak at Middlebury College.

They organize a riot whenever a conservative or libertarian is invited (by students, never by faculty) to speak at a university.  They gather by the hundreds to scream F-bombs at those with whom they suspect they disagree on issues related to politics and government. They’ve firebombed Republican Party offices; shut down college campuses; thrown eggs at and spit on Trump supporters; fired gunshots at and punctured tires of cars with Trump bumper stickers.  One of them shot a congressman at a baseball practice in D.C.  Another shot several people at the Family Research Council headquarters in D.C. after being informed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the preeminent purveyor of politically-inspired hate, that the pro-family organization, like so many other conservative and libertarian organizations, was supposedly a “hate group.”  They often cover their faces with masks, wear helmets, and show up at public events armed with clubs, baseball bats, and guns.

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They believe that the ends justify the means, the opposite of traditional morality, because they are self-proclaimed socialists and communists.  They carry signs identifying themselves with Socialist International, Democratic Socialists of America, and other far-left communistic groups.  When they vandalized the 225-year-old memorial to Christopher Columbus in Baltimore they videotaped the scene with a message condemning Columbus for bringing “European capitalism” to America, the greatest of all crimes. The Road to Serfdom: T... F. A. Hayek, Bruce Cal... Best Price: $3.06 Buy New $1.99 (as of 03:40 UTC - Details)

They are clamoring for the demolition of the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and Mount Rushmore.  Like the Taliban that has destroyed hundreds of religious monuments, they seek to destroy all monuments to Western civilization, which they have been taught is the root of all worldly evil.  They are defended by their ideological brethren at CNN, which has declared in fine Orwellian fashion that these violent criminals “seek peace through violence”.

Many of them are extreme bigots and ignoramuses, loudly proclaiming that all white people, regardless of their character and behavior, are “Nazis,” “white supremacists,” or worse.  They call for nothing less than genocide of “white European civilization.”  For the past several decades, they have claimed that heir guiding philosophy is the philosophy of “inclusion.”  Of course, by “inclusion” these totalitarian-minded professional rioters mean using force and violence to impose their will on all of society.  The vast majority of them, according to television and internet images, appear to be young twentysomethings or “millennials.”

They are a perfect example of what Nobel prize-winning economist F.A. Hayek called “the worst elements of any society” in the chapter of his classic book, The Road to Serfdom, entitled “Why the Worst Get on Top.”   The chapter is a discussion of how societies that become more totalitarian are inevitably led by the most immoral among them, followed by a large mob of “the worst elements of society.”

Hayek’s Recipe for Totalitarian Mobs

The main objective of all socialists is to use the coercive powers of the state to force some kind of societal “plan” or plans on the entire society, replacing all the individual plans that people normally make for their own lives.  It is about totalitarian control.  The problem, wrote Hayek, is how to organize a mob large enough to be able to enforce the views of the behind-the-scenes architects of the totalitarian scheme.  An example would be leftist billionaire George Soros, who reportedly finances much of the above-mentioned criminal activity.  The Democratic National Committee was also “outed” by “Project Veritas” investigative reporters as a financing and organizing vehicle for thuggish violence against Trump supporters during the 2016 presidential campaign.

One “principle” of mob selection, said Hayek, is that the largest mobs will be comprised of “the least original and independent [minded].”  The “lowest common denominator” in terms of morals and intelligence, in other words.

A second “negative principle of selection” is “the support of all the docile and gullible, who have no strong convictions of their own but are prepared to accept a ready-made system of values if it is only drummed into their ears sufficiently loudly and frequently” (p. 160).  It is these who will “swell the ranks of the totalitarian party.”  This of course sounds very similar to the thousands of young “protesters” who, whenever they are interviewed on the spot by a reporter, seem unintelligible when asked about what, exactly, they are protesting.  They seem only capable of shouting a few slogans like “Nazis!”  “White supremacists!!” The Problem with Socia... Thomas DiLorenzo Best Price: $9.49 Buy New $11.93 (as of 06:45 UTC - Details)

Third, the “skillful demagogue” will understand that “it is easier for people to agree on a negative program – on the hatred of an enemy, on the enemy of those better off – than on any positive task.”  If the leftist Bolshevik “protesters” in America today are about anything, it is about a psychotic hatred of just about everything to do with American (and Western) civilization.  They have been taught to be filled with hatred of their own society as “racist, sexist, and homophobic” since grade school.

When Hayek was writing The Road to Serfdom it was “the Jew” who “had come to be regarded as the representative of capitalism” and was therefore the object of the intense hatred of socialist totalitarians (Nazis) in Europe (p. 161).  In today’s America it is the “one percenters,” capitalism in general, and white heterosexual males, who are said to “oppress” just about everyone else.

Hayek’s characteristics of a totalitarian mob seem to fit today’s American Bolshevik wannebes like a glove.  In a recent survey of self-described socialists, 95 percent of whom were under the age of thirty, 48% were unemployed; 61% still lived with their parents; 69% were “uneducated”; only 14% supported free speech; while more than three times that number, 46%, supported riots as a means of advancing their cause.