The Likely Leaker

FOX News senior judicial analyst, colleague and personal friend Judge Andrew Napolitano began his weekly column:

“What if the federal government captures in real time the contents of every telephone call, email and text message and all the fiber-optic data generated by every person and entity in the United States 24/7/365? What if this mass surveillance was never authorized by any federal law?”

Deftly using the Socratic Method, he goes on to pose pointed questions, the answers to which are obvious to the reasonably informed reader.

It is absolute fact the federal government, through the NSA and assistance from cohorts from the CIA, FBI and even Britain’s GCHQ which has 24/7 access to the NSA database, this is precisely what is and has been happening during the last 3 presidents. At least.

It was also recently reported another clever hacking technique exposed by WikiLeaks is that of the CIA’s “UMBRAGE” group. These hackers use malware to steal and replicate the digital “fingerprints” of a foreign hacker, allowing the U.S. to then blame the hack on a foreign enemy such as Russia.

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Finally, it comes as no surprise the White House itself is entirely is wired for security purposes to surveil everything everywhere all the time – not just the Oval Office. Ditto, any/all federal buildings, offices, phones or computers. Anywhere. Hell, your own TV, computer, cell phone, iPad, or tablet is accessible.

So when looking for methods, motives, time, technology, personnel and privacy, why all the rattle and hum of a bad soap opera about Who Is Leaking Insider Info, Administration Civil Wars and even fully transcribed telephone conversations between President Trump/Mexican President Nieto and President Trum[/Australian Prime Minister Turnbull?  Might it be a mid-level clerk in the basement? A White House page? What if it is the largest, most technically sophisticated spying agency in the world which is scared and angry a rich outsider became President and is not inclined to “play along to get along”? The same New Kid On The Block who threatens the popular narrative as well as the MIC with Russian rapprochement? What would happen to that $10B + budget? How many of those 40,000 employees would be cut loose? What about all that power from harvesting personal intel on every man, woman, and child in America – including every member of Congress, SCOTUS, POTUS? How would blackmail, extortion, and intimidation ever be possible without all the dirt vacuumed up every day in every way by the Fort Meade Deep State Warriors?

Without even mentioning Hillary’s illegal off-campus server, 30K deleted emails, John Podesta’s fascinating correspondence, Wikileaks revelations, Seth Richard, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Imran Awan or Pizzagate, who – or what – is the most probable source of these leaks (except for Comey, Klapper, Rice, Lynch & Co) specifically crafted to undermine, not just the “legitimacy” of the Trump presidency, but the entire Trump presidency? In fact, any presidency that threatens the Deep State agenda?

What do you think Freedom and Liberty – and your inalienable natural rights – will be like under a government of extortion by a corrupted political – intelligence community?

But then, don’t we have that already?