LRC’s Best-Selling Books on Amazon for July 2017

  1. The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function and Lose Excess Weight – Bruce Fife
  2. History of Money and Banking in the United States: The Colonial Era to World War II – Murray N. Rothbard

  3. Straight Talk on Armed Defense: What the Experts Want You to Know – Massad Ayoob
  4. Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works – Andrew W Saul PH.D. 
  5. Abducting Arnold – Becky Akers

  6. Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy – Dr. Joseph Mercola
  7. The Hotel Tacloban – Douglas Valentine

  8. From Union to Empire: Essays in the Jeffersonian Tradition – Clyde N. Wilson
  9. The Silk Roads: A New History of the World – Peter Frankopan

  10. Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture – Anthony Esolen

  11. Liar’s Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street – Michael Lewis

  12. The Great Heresies – Hilaire Belloc

  13. Read Better!: For Adults and Teens – Taylor Linda Schrock

  14. The Coconut Oil Miracle: Use Nature’s Elixir to Lose Weight, Beautify Skin and Hair, Prevent Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes, Strengthen the Immune System – Bruce Fife

  15. Remember the Liberty!: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas – Phillip F. Nelson

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History of Money and B... Murray N. Rothbard Check Amazon for Pricing.

Straight Talk on Armed... Best Price: $13.68 Buy New $14.17 (as of 03:50 EDT - Details)

Doctor Yourself: Natur... Andrew W. Saul Best Price: $14.49 Buy New $18.79 (as of 04:05 EDT - Details)

Abducting Arnold Becky Akers Best Price: $2.48 Buy New $19.95 (as of 03:35 EDT - Details)

Fat for Fuel: A Revolu... Dr. Joseph Mercola Best Price: $2.06 Buy New $3.99 (as of 09:20 EDT - Details)

The Hotel Tacloban Douglas Valentine Best Price: $3.05 Buy New $8.62 (as of 03:40 EDT - Details)

From Union to Empire: ... Clyde N. Wilson Best Price: $24.95 Buy New $97.08 (as of 02:25 EDT - Details)

The Silk Roads: A New ... Peter Frankopan Best Price: $7.79 Buy New $12.00 (as of 04:40 EDT - Details)

Out of the Ashes: Rebu... Anthony Esolen Check Amazon for Pricing.

Liaru2019s Poker (25th... Michael Lewis Best Price: $4.67 Buy New $6.72 (as of 01:55 EDT - Details)

The Great Heresies Hilaire Belloc Check Amazon for Pricing.

The Coconut Oil Miracl... Bruce Fife Best Price: $1.09 Buy New $5.73 (as of 02:50 EDT - Details)

Remember the Liberty!:... Phillip F. Nelson, Ron... Best Price: $10.00 Buy New $10.00 (as of 07:55 EDT - Details) $50 Gift Ca... Check Amazon for Pricing.

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