Undermine American Democracy: Just What the Libertarian Doctor Ordered

Scott Hamann’s anti-Trump rant, I believe, reveals not only his own beliefs and feelings but also those of many other people. I believe that what he expressed has quite wide currency because for many weeks now there has been a steady stream of similar kinds of extreme and outrageous remarks that have been made public. Many of them are divorced from reality.

Take Nancy Pelosi:

“California Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi said at her weekly news conference Thursday that President Donald Trump was turning his back on children and dishonoring God for withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate agreement.” (Here.)

That’s only a sample. Her criticism of Trump has been unrelenting for months now. She recently said “…Republicans in Congress have become enablers of the Trump-Russia assault on our democracy…We have suffered a desecration of our democracy not seen since Watergate.”

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Echoing Pelosi, Hamann leads off with “Trump was installed by the Russians, because they wanted to undermine American democracy…”

I’ve got news for Nancy and Scott. No matter what labels we attach to the national government of America, that government has gone steadily downhill for a long, long time. It does almost nothing right. Its intrusions here and overseas are abominable and grow ever-larger. It multiplies its evils continually, seeking out new ones. We have even reached a point where the government in its vast ignorance and hubris keeps raising the risks of nuclear war and World War 3. The government’s meddling serves only narrow business interests, oligarchs, bureaucrats, power-hungry psychopaths, busybodies and opportunists. Its interventions corrupt the people, dumb them down, and make them helpless, dependent, mindless and lazy. Whatever progress has been made by Americans has been in spite of the malefactions of their democratic government or whatever the appropriate labels for this monstrosity are.

Americans should undermine their “democracy”. They should assault it. It needs assaulting. It needs a strong dose of desecration because it has taken on an entirely undeserved role as a sacred institution. The next marches on Washington should be to downsize the government drastically, to end rules and regulations, to cut out bureaus, to end programs, to lay off bureaucrats, and to eliminate whole departments. The New Deal and the subsequent growth of government built upon it need to be understood as extremely harmful to Americans and something to be repudiated. The country needs to engage in a very, very different kind of restructuring of ideas and government, or else continue going downhill.

Trump is merely a penknife against selected parts of the overall jungle that is the federal government, when what is called for is a battalion of chainsaws chopping away; and in important respects he is heaping fertilizer upon the vegetation and watering it. The vocal extreme protests against him from Left and Right measure the depths to which a large portion of the country has sunk as its “democracy” has deteriorated into an unholy mess of corruption that pervades the entire country and reaches down into every state, county, city, town, village and hamlet. There is no one and no place that the workings of the people and their democracy have not corrupted. There is no redemption from this evil except by going back to basic ideas that have been rejected in the pursuit of mistaken ideas of perfection.