The Older Generations Are Now More Tech Savvy And Were The Secret Weapon Behind Donald Trump’s Campaign

Yesterday I had to go to the AT&T store to activate my phone. Why? Because since the AT&T merger with DirecTV their website has become a cluttered cesspool of junk. That speaks volumes considering their website has always been bogged down with useless information. It took multiple search engine alterations to navigate their website to find the sim card activation page. After a few attempts of trying to enter my information I finally resigned myself to trudging to their store.

The only reason I even tolerate AT&T’s website is because I hate going to their store and dealing with my own age group. It might come as a surprise to many, but I can’t be bothered with Millennials working in tech stores. There’s too many haphazard sales pitches and bullshit techno worship from my own generation related to technology. I don’t care about the latest model of the exact same phone I already own because it’s a bit thinner or the screen is slightly wider.

But, this trip was different…

The AT&T store I went to was employed with middle aged women. After a quick scan I realized nobody behind the counter was under the age of fifty. The woman who entered my information was quick and efficient. There wasn’t any finger pecking on her tablet as I would’ve expected. She knew all the plans and the best way to set up my new account. I was out of the store in five minutes with no problems.

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After I thought about it I wasn’t really surprised by this observation. Over the past few years I’ve noticed older generations have not only caught up to Millennials regarding technology, but have actually surpassed them in many ways.

That’s right. The Millennials are not the most tech savvy generation anymore. While we’ve been the early adopters over the past 15 years our elders have left us in the dust. Not only do they now understand the bells and whistles of new technology. They have the hard skills desperately need to put it to practical use.

This was a trend I noticed during the 2016 election. Most of my age group didn’t know Breitbart News existed until after the election. I didn’t even pay any attention to Breitbart News until I saw Kellyanne Conway on Fox News talking about “the forgotten man”. That’s when my ears instantly perked up. I knew the reference was from the book “The Forgotten Man” written by Amity Shales about the Great Depression and the author was in the documentary “Generation Zero”.

After I realized Trump’s campaign strategist was Steven Bannon who directed the documentary I knew exactly what was happening. In the last weeks of the election I was tuned into Breitbart News as they lived streamed Trump visiting multiple states in the same day. While the Democratic Party was being forced to plan last minute trips to Michigan and Pennsylvania in a desperate attempt to keep up. But, it was too late for them.

Donald Trump had a very aggressive campaign strategy in the final weeks leading up to the election. In the final weekend he made nine campaign stops in multiple states to hold campaign rallies in airport hangers spaced two hours apart. The next day he made seven campaign stops in the battleground states and ended his campaign in Michigan after midnight. All his rallies were being live streamed on Breitbart and Youtube while the mainstream media prattled on about poll predictions.

Meanwhile the Democrats and Hillary’s campaign were running the same offense as Barack Obama’s campaign without realizing times had changed since he first ran for President in 2008. The same social media strategy that was used to target the Millennial voting demographic was now being used against them by Donald Trump’s campaign in favor of their parent’s generation.

Reprinted with permission from The Burning Platform.