Our Elections Are Not A Suicide Pact

After Trump’s meeting with Putin, I’ve never heard people clamoring for a war so loudly. “Trump is not protecting us from Putin!” “We’re under attack by the Russians!” “Someone needs to do something!” “We need to stop the Russians before it’s too late!” “We need to get tough with the Russians!”  “The Russians hacked into our nuclear facilities and we’re in danger!” And this gem: “We need regime change in Russia!”

Now these are all die-hard Democrats saying this. I would say half weren’t born during the Cold War and don’t remember that “getting tough with the Russians” could entail every American city turned into radioactive craters and 300 million Americans dead or soon to be dead. The other half are the worst hypocrites. These are the ones who sat up there and screamed at Reagan in the 1980s to go, you guessed it, talk to the Russians and make peace! These are the Democrats who attended no-nuke rallies throughout the 1980s and protested the Pershing 2s and cruise missiles. Who made movies like “The Day After”. But I guess those codgers are now of an age where, well, to heck with it. Nothing to lose but the price of another facelift, right?

This truly is beyond pathetic. I generally hear this type of warmongering and fearmongering from the Republicans. But here’s the party that runs around touting itself as antiwar and for peace, love, and kale smoothies for everyone and they sound like General Buck Turgidson and General Jack D. Ripper had a love child who became the DNC campaign strategist. Hillary loses an election so it’s worth, what, 5 or so billion lives worldwide in an all-out nuclear exchange? “Gosh, since Hillary couldn’t bring us fuzzy feelings, meh, to heck with it. Get NORAD on the line and launch everything we’ve got…”

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Have they figured out yet how to wage a sustainable nuclear war? Is that it? “We’ll put recycling bins outside the missile silos…” When the clueless are thinking that tough talk does not begin wars, THAT is EXACTLY how horrific, tragic wars get started. Europe didn’t wake up one day and say, “Meh, I’m bored. Let’s start the First World War.” That avoidable war began with tough-talking and bluster and before anyone knew what happened, they’re losing ten thousand a pop in a battle. Now these tough talkers are living on Ground Zero where Russian warheads will land and are either too dumb to know that or too attached to their egos to let that stop them.

Democrats: You DO NOT get to gamble all of our lives on “getting tough with the Russians” because poor Hillary lost the election. Not even Bush was that crazy and when Reagan tried “getting tough with the Russians” you all nearly fainted in fear and sat weeping and crying at no-nuke rallies. And if “get tough with the Russians” is going to be your election slogan for 2018 and 2020, not only do you DESERVE to lose, but I HOPE you lose. Why? Because our elections are not a suicide pact. That’s not freedom or democracy. That’s insanity.