LRC's Top 10 Articles for April 2017

1.  US Nuclear Target Map
Do you live in a death zone? Article by M.D. Creekmore.
2. Something Is Not Adding Up
Paul Antonopoulos on the Idlib chemical weapons attack.
3. 3 Armed Robbers Enter Store With Guns Blazing
Citizen-gunfighter takes them out with a single magazine.
4. On the Verge of Collapse?
John Whitehead on the American empire.
5. 666
The digital beast.
6. Property and Income Tax Theft
State by state. Article by Martin Armstrong.
7.  Bomb the Usual Arabs
Eric Margolis on the chilling stakes.
8.  Stupid Asset Protection Tricks
Don’t try them, says Mark Nestmann.
9. Will We Survive the Next 90 Days?
Phil Giraldi on shambolic doings in DC.
10. Remember the Housing Bubble of 2008?
Meet the car loan bubble of 2017, says Shaun Bradley.

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