Dr. Clyde N. Wilson's Defending Dixie: Essays in Southern History and Culture

Folks who are so brainwashed that they continue to think that “Mr. Lincoln is a nice man” should prepare to learn some long concealed “mind-boggling truths” and not only about our South’s Yankee enemies, including dishonest Abe, Enemy #1. Readers will also learn truths concerning many amazing Southern folks and Confederate accomplishments Southerners should PROUDLY CELEBRATE!Upon retirement at the University of South Carolina, Dr. Wilson was given the “Distinguished Professor of History” award. Wilson has authored and edited over 30 books. His work is so remarkable that it places him in the top tier of Americans greatest in Southern letters. He is an “Unreconstructed” Confederate and unrepentant for being one – just as all good Confederate descendants with good sense and love of truth should be!

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The essays and reviews in Wilson’s amazing text are declared “richly variegated” and philosophically sound by critics, yet his book reads with all the ease of a novel. His words are compelling testaments of long-hidden truths about our South and our United States as a nation. He deals with our identity and our national history and absolutely connects the dots leading from our Confederate past to the horror that is our national present.In the range of his topics, Wilson covers the illegally blockaded waterfronts and the fires blessed by Lincoln and set by the Defending Dixie: Essay... Clyde N. Wilson Best Price: $88.41 Buy New $298.41 (as of 07:25 UTC - Details) Republican army’s mad arsonists in the Yankees’ war on Civilians–America’s first war on civilians, setting the pattern for all its wars elsewhere, just as U.S. approved torture of captives in the 1800s laid the foundation for waterboarding, etc.

Wilson reminds us of the great men and women of the South whose love for God and the country (created by the Constitution caused them to give their all in the South’s defense.

Because of the vast numbers of imported European “Hit” men, white, as well as black Confederates, were unable to escape a fate involving Yankee-inflicted Genocide and the first Holocaust, the 19th century one–all approved by that fine “with malice toward none” gentleman, Abe Lincoln. Even torture of helpless captured Confederates was commanded and later legalized by Lincoln and his Congress.In reality, Mr. Lincoln and his Republican Congress and Marxist propagandists saw that our South was defeated not on the battlefields, but by a The Real Lincoln: A Ne... DiLorenzo, Thomas J. Buy New $12.99 (as of 11:30 UTC - Details) murderous War waged on Civilians during and AFTER the end of the Battles. After the battles, disarmed Southerners had no means to overcome the lies and chicanery of an enemy determined to destroy decency and Christianity and to keep white Southerners and their descendants forever as second-class U.S. citizens guilty of treason.

It was the purpose of the enemy to put a permanent halt on the influence of America’s best and most brilliant thinkers, the South’s men. The enemies’ success can be determined by noting the number of Southerners serving on the Supreme Court since 1865.While compared to other works by historians, Wilson’s book is exceptionally easy to read, it does require, however, the ability of a reader to think. It is not for people lacking such ability – folks who know not and know not they know not, should avoid the intellectual challenge offered by this author, however, she who knows not and knows she knows not–will benefit tremendously!

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