Why I Am Still Thanking Mr. Trump!

The 2016 presidential campaign was a certainly joy to behold.  Angry Republicans, various factions like a confused herd of cats, early signs of “symbols as language” to provide that basic clarity the party craved (Jeb!)  but would be denied except as Trump spoke it.  Thank you, Mr. Trump!

After Trump taught every Republican how a proper campaign is led and conducted (“energetically” and “raw”), his achievement of the GOP nomination gave us a glorious view to the strange confident vapidness that is Democratic intellectualism.

We are still enjoying that view, and should be for some months to come.  Thank you, Mr. Trump!

Presidential elections had certainly become predictable, divisive and ugly, boring. The evolutionary trends in voter participation worry the political class. How can you have a “democracy” if no one lines up to eat the bread and drink the blood of the State?  Billions of dollars have been devoted pointlessly to getting people out and paying attention.  Then we get a candidate who tweets like the rest of us.  Thank you, Mr. Trump!

The bloody wreck that occurred when flyover state unhappiness and contempt for Hillary crashed into the grand plan of the warfare-welfare state was spectacular.  Simply spectacular.  Thank you, Mr. Trump!

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When we talked about putting Americans first, bringing troops home, stopping regime changes just because an aging neocon, a pinstriper and a bedazzled general met in a bar somewhere, and encouraging the American empire to actually produce and make something other than missiles and misery… well, that was some good talk.  Thank you, Mr. Trump.

Flamboyantly bringing your own friends and relatives into Washington, and into the circles of government power is a magnificent public good.  This has absolutely never happened before… in the light of day!   Thank you, Mr. Trump!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t express my gratitude for the public and daily shaming of the state media in this country.  This is a long time coming, and unlike in previous national moods, this time, all factions and all degree of political activists direct the term “Fake News” at any utterance by those they oppose.  On top of that, the actual fake news production industry (TV advertising, government public affairs offices, political think tanks, comedy, and clickbaiters) are all thriving!  Fake news as a concept and as a label helps actual people everywhere wrap their heads around the historical and sociological truth that governments lie, cheat and steal to retain power, and they do so with the aid and comfort of major government favored and supported media enterprises, key industries, and educational establishments. Thank you, Mr. Trump!

Of course, the government lies and steals.  Ask any Democrat, SJW, campus activist, non-voting leave me alone type, conservative, or Republican – most will today agree this is true, and only argue among themselves on who wears the dunce hat.  We knew it all along, but now we can have a newfound respect for our former critics in any of these ideological groups.  We agree!  No, we really agree!  Thank you Mr. Trump!

On this foundation, complemented by the modern nature of information access that blesses the planet, we the people are in a position of sharing the truth about money, and the true nature of a centrally controlled fiat currency.  End the Fed, sure, but we have also gained a new national perception about every 1 and 0 about us that government covets and collects, crouching like a decaying raptor over its hoard in blue-lighted top secret dinosaur dens of supercooled hard drives.   Thank you, Mr. Trump.

karen head shot benchTo see my erstwhile progressive state-adoring friends agreeing with my liberty and state-hating friends and standing arm-in-arm to call the object of their disgust a fascist – well, this is progress.  Fascism is here, a friendly fascism as described thirty years ago, a cruel all demanding and all controlling state described sixty years ago, a terminal diagnosis predicted 150 years ago, and these are just the recent forecasts.    Thank you, Mr. Trump, for helping us all speak about fascism, and for many, giving us a reason to open a dictionary.

I am truly delighted to have a president who, so far, operates openly, tweets brashly, changes his mind daily, and shares his frustration and his thinking without filters.  I suspect this mini-era of having a real person in the White House will soon end. We are told the presidency is so very, very precious.  The Oval Office is the seat of all power, and the great ruler who occupies it must retain a mysticism suited to the godhead of the greatest empire the world has ever suffered.   Trump is a poor fit for this mandatory mythology, and I’m sure that the dark wizards of the deep state have wondered if a chemical lobotomy, or suggestible fugue state, may be administered, and how soon. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for surrounding yourself with family who loves you.

If it all changes tomorrow, the bits of truth that Donald Trump has already revealed about American society, politics, and the deep state, and his small explosions of personal authority over Washington authoritarianism will always be inspiring.  He is serving the nation better than any – any – predecessor before him.  Unlike Kennedy, Trump is not quietly and legally wrangling with the deep state from within.  He is driving it to madness, into accidental tactical exposure, into revealing its logistics, strategies and generals, and its desperation.  This is all we ever asked for, and all we need.  Thank you, Mr. Trump.  Godspeed!