Sorting Out Truth From Fiction

A lot of thoughts running through my mind today………. After reading Charles Hugh Smith’s stratagem that reveals only those who are recipients of interest payments on debt are truly wealthy while everyone else is an interest-payer who contributes to the free lunch the financial classes enjoy. 

Debt serfdom is what Charles Hugh Smith calls it.  Only about 4% of Americans are recipients of most of the interest payments.  Nine of ten Americans will predictably be shoved into serfdom and begging for breadcrumbs. 

I always said, somebody is receiving that $400 billion of interest way pay on the federal government debt.  What impetus is there to pay down that debt?  The financial classes are living off of it + all the other private debt interest on credit cards, auto loans and home mortgages which amount to close to $3 trillion in payments.

Smith asks what backs the paper dollars the Federal Reserve issues but the nation’s productivity.  In other words, the privately owned Federal Reserve bank is using your debts and assets as its collateral.  So the central bank essentially owns the productive output of a free and democratic nation. 

Time to buy old US gold coins

I also read Gary North today who says, in the battle between GUNS and GRANNY, that GRANNY is going to get hers and the military establishment will face relentless budget cuts as the voting block of the ageless BABY BOOMERS lives on into their 90s – that is the year 2040! Just take a gander at all the Hollywood celebrities who have lived into their tenth decade of life. [] You’re likely to live that long too! How to Live 100 Years ... Bill Sardi Best Price: $3.60 Buy New $49.99 (as of 08:05 EDT - Details)

The collective efforts of the younger will be to support the older.   Short of adoption of an anti-aging pill that will prolong the HEALTHSPAN along with the lifespan of Americans, that will be how we measure tomorrow’s economy,

Ladies and gentlemen, you had better be figuring out how to keep from shrinking in height (up to 4/10ths of an inch per decade after age 40) and weight (loss of muscle mass) as you live into your ninth and tenth decade of life.  No, calcium pills do not help retain bone mass.  You need hormones to send a signal to hold calcium in your bones. 

Actually, it’s the space between the discs in the vertebrae of your spine that shrinks with advancing age and results in loss of height.  

Hyaluronic acid (HA), a water-holding gel, is what maintains the space in between discs in the spine.  Oral hyaluronic acid, available as a dietary supplement at vitamin shops, stimulates fibroblast cells in your body to make youthful levels of HA again.  Resveratrol: Unleashin... Beth Giesler Best Price: $1.84 Buy New $5.00 (as of 12:10 EDT - Details)

Estrogen replacement and/or resveratrol pills (a phyto-estrogen) and hyaluronic acid for women and resveratrol pills and hyaluronic acid for men are in order!  (I formulated a product that provides both resveratrol and hyaluronic acid.  A 60+-year-old woman reported that she actually regained over an inch in height while her sister shrunk a half-inch on that pill.) 

Unless you want to shrivel up and look like a sea urchin, be incontinent, drool at the mouth, have creaky joints and be totally dependent upon others at age 80 and live another decade in that debilitated state, you’re only viable option is what I suggest above. 

If you don’t choose resveratrol pills you can unwittingly buy into what modern medicine offers –> polypharmacy (you will be placed on mineral-depleting ACE inhibitors and diuretics, co-enzyme Q10-depleting beta blockers and statin drugs, bone pain-inducing osteoporosis pills, brain shrinking antidepressants and sedative sleeping pills that will make you mindless and unable to even protest).  Your children will cringe to come visit you in the assisted living center in that depressing state. 

The biggest mental challenge today is sorting out truth from fiction.  As the late Dr. Stan Monteith used to say: “in the battle for the survival of Western civilization it will be reality and not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring.”  Outside of my Bible, my only hold on the truth is found at each morning.