Thanks for Nothing, John McCain

“I am more worried about this country than I’ve been in my entire lifetime,” [John McCain] said.  “We are seeing strains on the world order.”

What does McCain mean by “this country”?  Does he mean the people, customs, and culture, or does he mean the government – the elite and their puppets in Washington?  Is McCain speaking of “this country” or “the world order”?  Does he see any difference between these two?

To McCain, country = US government; country = world order; therefore: US government = world order.  This is why he is worried.  This relationship is coming apart.  And I, for one, am happy for this.

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McCain is worried that the US isn’t bombing enough places; McCain is worried that the US isn’t spending enough; McCain is worried that the US isn’t removing enough heads-of-state; McCain is worried that every nation on earth is not bowing to the will and whims of the masters in the imperial city; McCain is worried that there are not enough laws prohibiting non-violent or even moral behavior and at the same time not enough laws requiring immoral behavior.

McCain is worried that the American people have finally awoken to the monstrosity that is Washington DC and the elites who control it.  Me?  I hope this is true.


McCain is worried that the country – as defined by its citizens, customs, and culture – is being torn apart.  On this, I agree – I am also worried; this will not be an easy time.

Most of all, McCain is worried that he and people of his ilk might live long enough to be held to account for his leading role in this destruction.

Reprinted with permission from Bionic Mosquito.