The BIG LIE Upon Which All Government is Founded

Every government in the world today is founded on a “big lie” that you’re about to see explained below. This is true regardless of party affiliation, nationality or era in which the government operates. All governments — past, present, and future — are founded on this “big lie,” without exception.

What is this BIG LIE? It’s the idea that those who are in power will represent the interests of others who have no power.

This “big lie” fantasizes that selfish, power-seeking, egoistic human beings are magically transmuted into humble, compassionate, ethical “representatives” the minute they win an election. We are to believe that all their hunger for power instantly vanishes at the moment they win, replaced by God-like universal love for all the people, even at the expense of their own careers or personal wealth accumulation.

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Somehow, we are led to believe, those who win elections are “serving their nation,” not leveraging power for their own selfish aims. Politicians even use this language themselves, claiming they are running for office in the hopes of “serving their country” but never serving their own insatiable appetite for power. Bureaucrats, as a rule of thumb, don’t serve their nations… they exploit national power to serve their own self-interests.

Those who seek power almost always covet it for themselves

The very idea that people in power can be representatives of those who are powerless is absurd on its face. Has any religion, race, nationality or philosophical belief ever been discovered on this planet that describes a group of people who do not make decisions in their own self-interest? You might say that certain religious organizations or non-profits are engaged in such selfless behavior, and you’d be right in a few isolated cases. But for the vast majority of organizations — including most non-profits — their aim is to increase their own size, power, and influence.

That same philosophy pervades the halls of every national capital in the world, where the claim of “serving the people” is usually nothing more than a deceptive sales pitch to get elected so that real power can be wielded against those whom you claim to represent. Even the most corrupt government regimes in the world claim to represent the interests of the common people, by the way: North Korea’s official name is (laughably) the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Yet the power structure in North Korea isn’t democratic, it doesn’t represent the People, it isn’t a Republic and it isn’t even the greater Korea. (South Korea has a more legitimate claim to greater Korea than does the North.)

Similarly, the U.S. House of Representatives is also jokingly named in a way that claims to “represent” the interests of the people. Yet in reality, nearly all members of the House — with a few notable exceptions — are little more than legislative prostitutes for corporate interests (pharma, biotech, weapons, etc.). Even the so-called “Freedom Caucus” of conservative/libertarian lawmakers is heavily infested by Big Pharma sellouts and Monsanto poison pushers who think “freedom” means no regulation of toxic pesticides.

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