America in Turmoil: From Deep State Insurgency to Deep State Spying – WikiLeaks’ Vault 7

Even those not following the latest evidence of the tyrannical noose tightening around our necks, know something has gone terribly wrong in America. Through NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations four years ago, we learned that US citizens, as well as foreign countries, are the most spied upon in human history. But this week’s latest massive WikiLeaks’ release, aka Vault 7, amounts to almost 9,000 pages of CIA documents collected from 2013 through 2016 that disclose highly classified hacking secrets. With this largest dump of confidential CIA files ever published, the world is beginning to realize just how far gone our privacy rights are, becoming virtually nonexistent under traitor Obama’s second term in office.

On the heels of last week’s bombshell revelations that outgoing president Obama illegally wiretapped and surveilled all of President Trump’s communications (both domestic and overseas) including his pre-administration officials, now we’re learning that the Orwellian nightmare of myopic control over us as a national population is far worse than ever imagined. This back-to-back, very much related unfolding events only demonstrate that not only is the legitimately elected American president apparently in the process of an overthrow attempt by treasonous subversive forces for the first time in US history, but through the ruling elite’s private army – the CIA, it has extended its technologically invasive beta test control over the most spied upon population ever on its way to imprisoning every human on earth with a one world crime cabal government.

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Americans are not the only victims of deep state cyber aggression. The CIA data dump also reveals that the NSA and CIA have been conducting a large-scale covert operation out of the Frankfurt, Germany American Consulate, largest in the world, busily hacking targeted individuals, groups and national entities throughout Europe, the Middle East, and China. Granted immunity and top secret identities, individuals comprising deep state America employed in Frankfurt have developed a massive digital hacking arsenal smack dab in the middle of Europe as Empire’s vassal.

In recent years during the Bush-Obama regime, US citizens have witnessed their civil rights – once guaranteed under their no longer upheld Constitution, eroded away into complete oblivion. Under the nefarious pretense of national security, the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have opportunistically stolen both our legal rights as well as literally our property rights in the form of our homes, our cars, our cash, and bank account assets under the grossly unlawful civil forfeiture laws regardless of whether any crimes have been committed. Currently, US law enforcement steals more annually from us than the totality of all burglars. Also with bail-in laws now well in place, personal life savings will be devoured by large banks, falling like dominos when the global economy collapses. Theft by a predatory elite never ends.

Rampant violation of our Fifth Amendment right that protects citizens from unreasonable government seizure of private property has also been additionally abused under eminent domain law, where again increasingly our homes are being illegally confiscated by local, state and federal governments. A dozen years ago the treasonous US Supreme Court made the decision granting government the right to steal our property based on land use for “economic development” even by a private developer. The landmark Kelo vs. New London, Connecticut case enabled the Big Pharma giant Pfizer to land grab without the consent of the private citizen as the legal property owner. At the government and pharmaceutical company’s disgrace after millions of taxpayer dollars unjustly displaced private citizens from what was rightfully theirs, all these years later the 90-acre property remains a desolate, vacant lot.

From our stolen constitutional property rights to our freedom of movement and travel now being usurped, increasingly US citizens flying from one domestic location to another are being asked to show “their papers,” reminding us how the German populace must have felt under Nazi authoritarian control. Increasing military and law enforcement “random” checkpoints are rapidly popping up all over the United States to monitor and restrict our right to navigable access. Microchipped drivers licenses, passports, credit cards as well as backdoor installed GPS monitoring and spying devices in our cell phones have illicitly, secretly been in place for years now. Biometrics like facial and voice recognition and implanted microchips are all New World Order population control mechanisms.

But the latest CIA crimes constitute an unprecedented assault allowing the deep state to infiltrate and attack us through malware embedded in our iPhones, Android computer applications as well as smart TVs in order to listen in and shockingly violate every last vestige of our decimated privacy. Even while Samsung Smart TVs are turned off, the monitoring device is still secretly turned on and eavesdropping on our conversations. Another insidiously dangerous feature to this CIA malware is that it can extract usernames, passwords, and Wi-Fi keys expanding invasive access to the victim’s shared network and other connected devices.

As far back as a half decade ago, then-CIA Director retired General David Petraeus was touting how hi-tech advances facilitated a myriad of ways Americans can be spied on in a Wired article entitled “CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You through Your Dishwasher.” The war criminal that I went to school was boasting:

With the rise of the “smart home,” you’d be sending tagged, geolocated data that a spy agency can intercept in real time when you use the lighting app on your phone to adjust your living room’s ambiance.

You can easily see where the centralized controllers envision smart meters, smart phones, smart TVs and a plethora of smart household devices installed in every hopelessly dumbed down American’s home to permit voyeuristic deep state criminals complete invasive access to raping you in your un-private, unsafe sanctuary you call home. With Big Government both watching and listening wherever we are and go nowadays, virtually nothing escapes totalitarian reach and absolute control anymore.

Additionally, the massive proliferation of closed circuit TV cameras shooting us from every angle at virtually every urban street corner traffic light and every business location, along with the global deployment of countless surveillance drones of all shapes and sizes, invasively capable of covertly observing and recording our every move and even armed to kill us from both inside and outside our own no longer private homes, conclusively confirm that we are living within the nightmarish horror of “you can run but cannot hide” from the diabolical authoritarian state. And thanks to Obama, the alarming precedent’s been set for a US president to engage in the extrajudicial killing of his own citizens on or off American soil.

On a minor positive note, the Oklahoma state legislature has recently introduced a bill making it legal for homeowners to destroy drones flying less than 400 feet over their private property, as long as it’s not an aircraft regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). So in other words, if it’s Big Government invading your privacy by operating a drone (predator or otherwise), violating and endangering your personal space, apparently by law you must simply remain a targeted passive victim. But if it’s your nosy neighbor, then in Oklahoma you’ll be authorized to neutralize it when flying too low over your private property residence. Although 45 states are considering laws that restrict unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), especially when risking the safety of first responders or the public, the FAA maintains jurisdiction over all US airspace.

Growing conflict between citizens’ personal and privacy rights, violated at the expense of authoritarian government overreach, will no doubt be played out on a far larger scale as divided America continues to fracture, be it over property rights, gun rights, bodily rights vs. mandatory vaccines, microchips or potentially outlawed abortion, or basic 1st Amendment free speech, free press, protest and religious rights. Right now the United States is a powder keg with anti-Trump opposition forces determined to trigger a violent US insurrection that could easily lead to civil war.

The WikiLeaks Vault 7 dump strengthens the case against murderous traitor John Brennan, the CIA director that Stratfor stated was on a witch hunt against journalists when Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings was suspiciously killed after his late model car was almost certainly remote controlled to speed up to near 100 MPH prior to it exploding in June 2013. Hastings had been under surveillance by intelligence agencies while working on his latest project exposing their crimes. With the simultaneous breaking news story that Obama was on the warpath against truth telling journalists as well, directing the FBI to monitor press phone records and remotely hack Sharyl Attkisson’s computer, the likely Hastings assassination and blatant aggression against the free press were tyrannical shots across the bow, overtly threatening any and all whistleblowers and journalists who dared exposing Obama’s crimes. The just-released CIA documents prove beyond all question or doubt that all modern vehicles driven today can easily be electronically hacked and remote controlled for sinister murderous purposes, leaving virtually no evidence of a crime ever committed.

No doubt to head off the usual disinfo shills and left-leaning morons at the pass from issuing yet more groundless, mindless “the Russians did it” accusations, WikiLeaks specified that a whistleblowing insider from within the CIA leaked the latest documents. WikiLeaks also stated that the CIA is no longer in control of its own hacking arsenal, as the huge “archive appears to have been circulating among former US government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner,” one of them handing a portion over to WikiLeaks.

But rather than immediately launch an investigation of the crimes committed by the CIA’s illegal spying on every American, the culprits themselves – the CIA and FBI – are reflexively announcing that they will begin a criminal probe into the WikiLeaks dump in order to go after and punish the whistleblowing messenger and not the real criminals, similar to chomping at the bit to fry Snowden for bravely doing America the invaluable service of alerting citizens of deep state’s unconstitutional crimes and gross wrongdoing.

Let’s look at another response from an important government insider. Vice chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Diane Feinstein whose very job function is to exercise much-needed oversight over deep state America, feebly muttered on CNN the obvious “duh” response – “maybe there should be more” congressional oversight limiting the CIA spying on Americans. Essentially she’s admitting her own incompetence at failing to reel in the CIA’s long known, abusively out of control power. But with the CIA in actuality the ruling elite’s private army and Congress its public servant puppets, the bottom line is Congress only allows, promotes and protects crime cabal tyranny and abuse in this classic “fox guarding the henhouse” case. And so is that CIA/FBI probe.

As an integral part of the treasonous crime cabal, senators like Feinstein are the last persons to expect to act in the genuine best interests of American citizens. Recall three years ago her going through a similarly disingenuous, feeble motion when reacting to illegal CIA torture propagated by the Cheney-Bush administration and then only seamlessly continued under Obama and her “oversight” watch. Feinstein epitomizes the lackey, impotently dishonest role of Congress never really standing up for human rights of anyone on the planet in this age of over-the-top oppression. Instead, she expressed her hypocritical outrage toward her previously coddled CIA only after learning the CIA was secretly monitoring her private communications as well.

Additionally, this latest batch of documents providing indisputable proof that deep state America’s gone awry, renders the Democrats’ nonstop mantra that “the Russians did it” a complete farce, since the CIA has developed the devious means to pull off false flag cyber attacks that can then be conveniently blamed on designated enemies like Putin. Because the Central Intelligence Agency stole malware from other countries, CIA malware under the codename Weeping Angel absolves the Criminals In Action of all guilt, leaving no fingerprints behind, thus delivering false evidence then used to deceitfully charge foreign nations of cyber warfare crimes and deceptively justify war against any targeted opponent.

And with virtually every war in American history the result of a false flag, and a false flags being perpetrated by the CIA and FBI now than ever before, at some point in the relative near future, you can bet that the US government will claim a false flag scenario, one probable example being an enemy launching a devastating cyber attack against the US banking industry, posing a serious breach to our national security. Suddenly a banker’s holiday is declared and you cannot withdraw cash from your local ATM or for that matter even pump gas into your car. Deep state headed by Homeland Security has been quietly drumming up and prepping for this type of false flag operation for well over a decade.

And as US deep state’s egregious crimes against humanity have never been more exposed than right now, the increasing likelihood of this kind of manufactured crisis and national emergency to occur sooner than later at the behest of demonic planetary controllers, growing desperate to hang onto their centralized power and control, is more imminent now than ever. But armed with the truth, an empowered world citizenry can ultimately hold the evildoers accountable. The global masses must awaken and begin rejecting the lies and start thinking for themselves, and for their own survival, actively opposing the deep state’s crime cabal matrix.

Constitutional attorney John Whitehead expressed his sobering yet truthful conclusion regarding our stolen liberties:

Not only do we no longer have dominion over our bodies, our families, our property and our lives, but the government continues to chip away at what few rights we still have to speak freely and think for ourselves.

It’s time to seek, speak and share the truth. Before all our freedoms are permanently lost, including all access to the truth (i.e., Facebook just began flagging “disputed” fake news), and humanity is victimized by the brutal killing force of globalized genocide, shake off the shackles of enslavement and destructive doom and let your voice and conviction be counted, heard and demonstrated through nonviolent civil disobedient action.