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Everyone is no doubt grimly aware of the events that transpired at the University of California at Berkeley days ago when writer and speaker Milo Yiannopoulos attempted to deliver a speech. He was met with violent protesters who smashed windows and ATMs, set things on fire, destroyed property of various kinds, and beat people senseless.

Milo has since confirmed his intention to return to Berkeley at some point in the future.

Leftist protesters, surveying the situation and its aftermath, have persuaded themselves that the whole thing went really quite smoothly.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, organizers of the riot (it wasn’t really a “demonstration”) are calling it “stunningly successful.”

“Everyone played a part,” said Berkeley Law School alum Roland Cruz, of the group By Any Means Necessary. “Some engaged in breaking windows – others held signs and made sure that the fascists and the police did not attack anyone.”

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Yes, really smooth.

The “fascists,” of course, were the regular people who wished to attend the event. Unlike leftists, these folks are not known for committing acts of violence, so as usual the snowflakes didn’t have much to worry about.

Meanwhile, the whole country sees a pleasant and articulate young guy – who made many media appearances as a result of the incident – having to flee for his life from a raging mob. The mob thought breaking windows and destroying property, not to mention beating people up, was an appropriate way to indicate their disagreement with Milo’s views.

Yeah, that’s super smooth. Americans really go for that.

“This was self-defense,” Cruz said. “Windows can be replaced. People can’t be.”



So far no deaths yet reported from a Milo speech, but we’ll keep watching.

Oh, and how generous of Cruz to note that windows can be replaced. Cruz isn’t quite generous enough to do the replacing himself, of course. That will be done by capitalist insurance companies.

Meanwhile, Google searches for “Milo” shot through the roof, and Milo’s Facebook page saw an increase of at least 100,000 likes.

Smooth, lefties! Smooth!

Then, too, Milo’s book, which isn’t being released until next month, shot to number 1 on Amazon.

Yep, those leftists sure showed Milo!

Every time something like this happens, Milo’s star rises still more. The effect is so obvious that even the left-wing Robert Reich noted it, suggesting that perhaps Milo put the protesters up to the violence in order to capitalize on it in precisely this way.

Lefties, here’s some advice: when people are guessing that you must be on Milo’s payroll because you’re helping him so much, your thing may not have gone so smoothly after all.

It’s rather like (if I may borrow an example that may resonate with them) when Stalinists called the Five Year Plan “stunningly successful.”

When Cruz was told of Milo’s intention to return, he replied: “I would be surprised if he tries to after his humiliating defeat. But if he wants to be defeated again, he will be if he tries.”

A major media tour, a substantial increase in his notoriety, and a #1 bestselling book, and Cruz thinks this is a “humiliating defeat.”

Stupidity at that level deserves a prize. Like the “everyone gets a trophy” kind of prize that Cruz no doubt got plenty of as a kid.

I have more fun at these (and other) folks’ expense in my new eBook, Sane Space: Libertarian Dispatches from Bizarro America, which I’m giving away for free.

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