Refreshing Non PC Garbage, As Only Clyde Wilson Can

I have listened to Dr. Wilson enough times, I could hear his voice as I read this work. He is one of my heroes as he teaches on American History, not what is taught in the established educational (?) spouts normally called “Schools, Colleges, Universities …”

is today, you will gain much understanding from this book. And, you will not get these truths from most other sources since it offers a lot of facts, logical thought, and all with refreshing non PC garbage, as only Clyde Wilson can.

The Yankee Problem: An... Clyde N. Wilson Check Amazon for Pricing. Published by Shotwell Publishing (… a No Nonsense, Unapologetic, Unreconstructed Publishing Company Specializing in Hard-Hitting Southern Books.) I personally plan to purchase each of their works as they become available.

I hope to see their work offered in audio formats soon, I simply request that the one chosen to narrate, be a Southerner, sound like a Southerner, and have a heart full of the Passion of a Southerner. If a Yankee is chosen to read the book, well, then we would have another ….YANKEE PROBLEM… and that just would not be right now, would it?

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