UK's Nigel Farage Rips EU Parliament Over Anti-Trump Bias, Corruption

The former UKIP leader let loose a full broadside at the hypocritical commissioners and MEPs

The godfather of Britain’s “Brexit” from the European Union who presaged the the coming of the Trumpinator, Nigel Farage, has, on his way out, unleashed a barrage of condemnation on the smug, spineless sycophants who comprise the army of Eurocrats running the EU.

Farage slammed the EU parliament as a spineless rubber-stamp body, and weighed into the European Commission as an unelected Politburo that has nothing to do with democracy.

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No wonder, said Mr. Farage, that these careerist bureaucrats are intimidated and outraged by Donald Trump – a man who in merely 1 week in office, put the entire western establishment to shame with his swift action and actually keeping his word to the people.

Farage speaks at a Trump rally during the campaign

Reprinted from Russia Insider.