Fighting Neo-Communist Terror

“Protesters” or “snowflakes,” both those on the left and right are at once mistaken and reckless in their unwillingness to call the violent militant left that has been wreaking havoc in its determination to (allegedly) register its displeasure with the election of President Donald J. Trump.

These punks are not the “antifascists” that they claim to be. They are neo-communist terrorists.

All of the definitional conditions of terrorism are satisfied by the violent left.  First, there is violence.  Second, the agents of this violence are non-state actors.  Third, the violence is directed against civilians, i.e. noncombatants.  Finally, far from being purposeless, the violence is designed to alter government policy.

These are the characteristics that distinguish terrorism from every other class of violent action.

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With terrorists there can be no dialogue.  Nor can there be peaceful co-existence.

Granted, these anti-Trump terrorists haven’t (yet) killed anyone. But this is irrelevant. Suppose that, say, ISIS succeeded in blowing up the Empire State Building but only after its target had already been evacuated.  Even though no one was injured, the attack would be no less an act of terrorism.

Now we need to determine how best to deal with domestic terrorists.

First, the neo-coms must be formally identified by the government for what they are and treated equally to the manner in which we now treat any other terrorist organization.

Second, the evil George Soros, who has been financing the terror, needs to be arrested, tried, and taken out of commission.

Third, those institutions, like academic institutions generally and colleges and universities in particular, that depend upon taxpayers’ monies need to have their funding pulled to the penny if they in anyway provide aid and comfort to terrorists.

Fourth, American citizens who want only to live their lives in peace need to prepare themselves for this new reality.  If they plan on attending any event that is likely to attract neo-com terrorists, if they even plan on going for a walk in their own neighborhoods while wearing pro-Trump or even pro-American attire—yes, for all of the leftist, pro-Democrat media’s romanticizing of “the protester,” we should bear in mind that these protesters are cut from the same cloth as those ideologues who haven’t had a damn good thing to say in 50 years about AmeriKKKa—they should be prepared to defend themselves and whatever other innocents on whom the anti-American terrorists set their sights.

It’s true that the gun is indeed the great equalizer. But circumstances may be such that even a gun proves ineffective (and if the attacker manages to wrestle the gun away, it will be effective for the attacker only). Besides, many people either do not own a gun or, if they do, they have no permit to carry it.

For those of us who don’t carry a gun, we can take heart in knowing that we can still inflict immense damage to an assailant with any number of makeshift weapons.  Car keys or ballpoint pens come immediately to mind.  These are mundane, legal objects that are easy to manipulate. By striking with them repeatedly at the eyes, temples, and neck of an assailant, even a petite woman could disarm a larger male attacker long enough to make a run to safety.

A canister of pepper spray is another option, but only if it is already in hand and one’s finger is on the nozzle.

A squirrel or rat is but a fraction of the size of your average adult human being, and yet everyone knows that there’s no limit to the bloody mess to which a cornered animal can reduce the person that threatens it.  These animalistic instincts and dispositions continue to dwell within human beings.  Without weapons, a person who finds himself surrounded by, say, a handful of neo-com terrorists can still administer great pain by using most of his body as a weapon.

Punches of various sorts, head bunts, eye-gouges, scratches, kicks—nothing is out of bounds in a potentially life-threatening situation.  Kicks should be low, no higher than the knee. The knees themselves can be potent instruments.  Punches, if possible, should be delivered not with a closed fist and the knuckles protruding outward, but with the back of the hand, or in the form of hammer strikes. The ridge of the hand (the old “karate chop”) can also be profoundly effective if delivered to the side of the attacker’s nose, the back of his neck, or his throat. Open-handed strikes to the face can drive the terrorist’s nose straight into his brain, and an elbow to his jaw will make him feel like he’s just been hit with a baseball bat.

If you are ever so unfortunate as to be in a situation of this kind, scream and shout as loudly as you can, scream like a madman or woman, curse your attackers as you wail on them until you can break free, for in coupling your physical ferocity with lots of noise, not only might you succeed in gaining the attention of those, like police, who may assist you, the screaming could psyche out your assailant. By screaming, you instill in your attacker some sense of terror.

In the meantime, lift weights, exercise, punch a heavy bag—build up your strength and stamina, and grow accustomed to pounding.

The neo-com terrorist left will have to learn soon enough that their acts of violence will not go unmet. They must learn that there’s going to be a steep price for them if they persist in attacking innocent men, women, and, yes, even children in some instances.

To avoid trouble and shun violence—this is what most of us want.  It may not always be possible. When it is not, decent people must be prepared to strike back.

And strike back really hard.