Hurrah For Weeds, Coyotes, and Rattlesnakes!

A friend of mine recently got a warning from City of Tucson that someone “reported” tall weeds in his yard. Oh, you didn’t know that weeds (or any plant the city and its snitches thinks is one) taller than 6 inches is illegal? Now, I don’t know if they’re worried about “assault weeds” with high-capacity seed pods or what. All I know is that the notice my buddy got said a city inspector didn’t even come out. They just accepted the report from some anonymous snitch and mailed out the decree from the government. He called and was told that the city doesn’t verify these reports, they’re called in anonymously, and they don’t know if it’s true before they react. Much like the federal government with Russia and the “election hacking”, one supposes.

I wonder at what point someone said it was the government’s job to manage lawn care? Further, at what point do neighbors find it their job to tell you how to manage your own property by snitching you off to the government? How about a nice tall glass of mind your own darned business? But this is how government balloons into establishing a “law enforcement division” within city government with “weed cops” to make sure everyone bends to the will of government and busybody neighbors who both need to grow up and get a life. I would imagine someone said, “The government ought to so something about…” turn aboutand you fill in the blanks. From there, the government is given a “mandate from the people” to act.

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Further along this route, some whiny neighborhood busybodies in Tucson are in hysterics over the “coyote problem”. Yes, the government needs to “do something” about this, too. Excuse me, but we DO live in a state where guns can be carried openly or concealed without a permit. Hey people, see to your own protection! You bunch of weenies probably climb trees if you see a housecat that resembles a lynx. I couldn’t care less what wild animal walks the streets. It is not the job of the government, or anyone else for that matter, to protect me from those animals. For one thing, who said I needed protection? I’m not afraid of them. I wouldn’t care if black bears or mountain lions were walking around. My gosh, this is a state where people can carry weapons to defend themselves and they’re still whining for the government to save them from non-existent threats.

I don’t need to be protected or my life avenged if some bear ate me. Look how many people are attacked by bears or mountain lions in the wilderness that those animals live and here comes the government to kill the animal. Or the animal they think is the culprit. Probably just what ever poor, hapless bear or lion wandered into the path of the government execution squad from the fish and wildlife department. This is wrong. If people go out there and get eaturnaboutis fair play. We hunt and eat them, too. Once in a while, we end up as lunch. Big deal, so what, and why does the government need to get involved in the transaction? No one said “Check please!”, so what difference does it make to go shoot some bear or lion that ate someone walking around on the menu?

People say, “Coyotes ate my poodle in my yard!” So? That’s the price you pay to live in the natural habitat of those coyotes. What, you think that changes because some dingbat built houses here? What about all the people bitten by rattlesnakes getting the morning paper? That’s a more common happening here than coyotes bothering people. Is it now the job of government to protect you from them, too? And my job as a taxpayer to pay for it? Excuse me, but does anyone know that the venomous reptiles we know as pit vipers are far older than the government? Not to mention more trustworthy.

See here, no rattlesnake or coyote raised my taxes, forced me to enroll in Obamacare, came by to tell me to trim plants in the yard, or said what I could or could not do with my own life. Animals are far more intelligent than the entirety of government in the United States. There is a valid reason for everything an animal does. You cannot say that for the government. Animals don’t run out and kill people over foreign policy or ideology. They haven’t got one. I would rather live amongst hundreds of wild animals than near one bureaucrat. Because it would be easier to relax.

People want the government to “relocate” these coyotes. And who pays for that? But more to the point, the federal government was really into “relocating” others way back when, which is how they got the entire continental United States to begin with. After they moved the previous occupants, then they needed to move on to other occupants in order to make the land safe for mediocrity and backyard barbeques. Personally, I like animal species that put up a big middle finger to the government’s idea of order and do not obey the government. The government darts a black bear with a tranquilizer gun, relocates him, and in a week he’s back. That bear deserves a medal and the entire block it rummages around in. It probably shocks and distresses the government that Nature does not bend to the will of the State. Look at a hurricane. It couldn’t care less about what FEMA thinks.

Nature has a lot to teach us. For one thing, there are natural laws, yes. However, it has no government that runs around dictating how tall plants may grow or where animals may roam. Because those things are not necessary to life. Now, if the government understood that, there would never have even been an Obamacare in the first place. But here we are with endless debate and wrangling about abolishing it and restoring the free will of human beings not to buy a product they do not want. “Health care is necessary to life!” Perhaps. But Obamacare isn’t health care. It’s a mandatory insurance policy. There’s a difference.

Back to the coyotes, I find it amazing what weenies the American people have become. Afraid of coyotes. I see them all the time. Yeah, coyotes, cool, I love it. These are beings that still understand freedom. What that was before the government got a hold of that word and turned it into an excuse to murder people all over the planet. You don’t see coyotes bombing Syria, you know. They kill to eat, not to advance some twisted notion of “democracy”. And, therefore, they are far more noble than any flaccid bureaucrat that washes his hands after touching vegetables at the store.

Give me wild animals and overflowing vegetation! Let the government buildings crumble into oblivion and let weeds overtake them! And let coyotes roam free and the Bald Eagle be ashamed it was corrupted into a symbol of this reprehensible regime! Not that the poor eagle had a choice in the matter. This is why they are so rarely seen these days. They’re embarrassed.