So What If It Was the Russians

This entire episode is a warning of just how rancid the American overclass has become. Is there no one left in the American elite who has some dignity, some class, some measure of perspective? Have they all descended to the level of drunken brawlers?

American elites are rushing to create a constitutional crisis as I write this, building up an immense head of steam (there was an 8,000-word article in the NY Times, fer goodness’ sake), and all for what?

Stop and think for a moment: The Russians allegedly “intervened” in a US election. But what is it they are supposed to have done?

They spilled the truth.

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Yup, that was their unfathomable crime… revealing the truth. That’s not exactly a problem, is it? And if it is, what does that say about the aforementioned American overlords?

This is not a minor or ancillary point: The leaked emails were true! And what they revealed should be dinner-table conversation coast to coast. But instead (perhaps this was the deceitful purpose of this), we’re inundated with a The Breaking Dawn Paul Rosenberg Best Price: $20.99 Buy New $18.95 (as of 09:10 UTC - Details) new Red Scare. “Look over there, little girl, there are flashing lights.”

Where is the cool head that says something sensible? Perhaps like this: “Listen, boys, this isn’t worth tearing the country apart over. We may not like Trump, but he cares about this country in his own way, and he’ll work four years to reach his goals. He’s not going to sell nukes to terrorists, and he’s not out to conquer the world. Let him have his turn.”

Apparently, such people can’t survive in rulership these days.

And where is any honest soul saying, “Wow, I’m really glad those emails came out. This Hillary and her team were out of control. And if she was, who else is? We have some serious problems here.”

Has no one actually read the emails? They were damning… horribly damning. And not only to the politicians but to the entire elite class, including nearly all major media. Does no one care? Is everyone looking at the flashing lights?

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