LRC's Top 10 Best-Read for December 2016

1. Hillary’s Electoral Fraud
The Michigan recount exposes some real whoppers.
2. Carrying Cash?
Be ready to have it confiscated, says Mark Nestmann.
3. Are You Living In a Death Spiral?
These 6 states will collapse during the next recession, says Mac Slavo.
4. Pearl Harbor Is a Fake News Story
Carl Herman on the truth.
5. Obama’s Fake SS#
Jack Cashill on a sample of what the fake-news con is designed to hide.
6. Obama Signs Anti-Free Speech Edict
Another step towards 1984.
7. Top 10 Trends of 2017
Gerald Celente on what’s ahead.
8. Trump’s Appointments
Paul Craig Roberts on what’s going on.
9. Russian Hackers Behind 1000s of Murders
In Obama’s domestic hometown of Chicago. Article by Chris Manion.
10. No More Mr. Nice Jones
Alex to sue Facebook and WaPo.

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