From Russia, With Karma

Let me begin this article with a parable: Little Billy came crying home one day, went right up to his mother and cried out, “Mommy, mommy! Timmy punched me in the eye in front of the whole class! And now I’ve got a black eye! Do something, mommy! Do something!” But Billy’s mother said unto him, “Billy! What did YOU do to him to cause him to risk suspension from school by punching you in front of everyone like that?!”

Now, here we go again with the latest Election Gate scam from the Democrats and Establishment Republicans. Right, Russia must have hacked the election! They broke into the Democrats’ computers and revealed secrets. Because, gosh, that’s the only way Hillary could have lost the election, right? This smells suspiciously like the time the United States government hectored and badgered the Palestinians to hold elections and so they finally gave in and had elections. Then they elected Hamas and the United States sat there and bawled like five-year-olds that stubbed their toes and insisted the election was a fraud.

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I have three things to say to the United States government: Karma, you reap what you sow, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. How many times have you, U.S. government, boasted of toppling other governments through regime change? How many times have you demanded other countries bend to your will or risk being overthrown and having a U.S. puppet government installed? What, and if the regime change here is on the other foot through an election, now you want to sit and whine about it like babies that lost their pacifiers? No bedtime story for you!

How many times have you justified warrantless wiretaps, reading our emails, tracking our every move thanks to the Patriot Act and told us, “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear?” Is that so? Well, Democratic Party, if you had nothing to hide, why then are you saying that what you had hidden might have cost you the election by it being revealed? How dare someone do to you what you do to us and others! Excuse me, but what happened to the tough guys demanding “transparency” in the elections of every nation in the world besides this one? Yes, how many times have you guys demanded “transparency” and yet you think this does not apply to you? If you guys really had nothing to hide, we could have had an international team of election monitors to go through your stuff and make sure everything was legit. Because isn’t that what you demand of other countries? You guys sound like a bunch of brats that were told that, no, the other team won the ball game fair and square and your dads make fools of themselves arguing with the umpire.

If, and I say if, Russia really hacked into the Democrats’ computers, then the United States deserved it. The United States denies the elections of Syria and even Russia are legitimate, calling Assad “illegitimate” and now they want to play this same game here. Guys, how about a nice tall glass of shut the heck up? The United States government interferes with the governments of every country it does not like and now wants to act hurt that the same might have been done to it? As I said: Karma, you reap what you sow, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Maybe you clowns ought to stop provoking Russia. Here’s a thought: Maybe they need someone in charge here that isn’t trying to provoke World War Three with Russia. If that is so, Russia hacking into the Democrats’ computers saved humanity. Put that in your mushroom cloud and smoke it.

See, I know who these people are that are whining. Just look at them. These are the same people that were hectoring and badgering Reagan back in the day to talk to the Soviet Union and make nice. But let Donald Trump say we ought to make nice with Russia, suddenly these former no-nukers from the 1980s sound like General Buck Turgidson from Dr. Strangelove. There they were, marching by the tens of thousands against Reagan putting cruise missiles and more Pershing missiles into Europe. Crying how Reagan was a monster that wanted to vaporize the kids in America, and now here they are pretty much demanding the Doomsday we canceled the subscription on back in 1991.

Pardon me, but if what you guys were hiding cost you the election by it being revealed, then what you were planning was what the American people did not want! Or, was in the worst interests of the nation. Or proved you were rigging the election or running some scam. Where is the transparency? Where are the ethics you all claim to uphold? If you had nothing to hide, then nothing revealed should have made a difference. Do any of you realize what you are saying is an admission of guilt? That if your secrets were opposed to what America wanted, then you’re all a bunch of liars and hypocrites. If Russia revealed secrets and those secrets cost you the election, do you know what that’s saying? It says that Russia has the interest of the American people at heart more than you do!

Wake up, America. The Democrats and Republicans both have admitted that their dirty underwear is flying up on the flagpole. They want to get everyone whipped up against Russia. Excuse me again here, but Hillary Clinton is not worth a thermonuclear war. She’s not even worth a snowball fight. Maybe someone ought to ASK Russia WHY they did this IF they really did it and we’re not being lied to yet again. Has anyone recalled that Obama has been trying to provoke a war with Russia, a nuclear-armed power? My gosh, all these weenies in their Priuses oppose nuclear power plants, but they’re okay with a nuclear war?! Has there been an environmental impact report filed for Doomsday yet? Have they found a way to have a Green nuclear war? I suppose since it’ll kill everyone equally, we can applaud it as true diversity.

This is the same government that has consistently lied to us both to get its way and when it did not get its way. Right, Iraq might build a nuclear weapon and in we go. Look, the terrorists have anthrax! Oops, seems it came out of FT Detrick, a U.S. Army bioweapons lab and here we were supposedly not working on biological weapons according to another treaty this government signed. That’s why we call toilet paper “treaty paper” where I come from. How can this government be thought of as telling the truth? I suppose the sky being blue is another Russian plot since blue is a color in their flag now. The media plays right along with it like the bootlickers they are, too. What will we accuse Russia of next? High fructose corn syrup and rising gluten intolerance in America?

So, I don’t think Russia did anything. But if they did, I say it was more than justified. The Democrats and Establishment Republicans were marching us headlong into a war with Russia. If Russia did hack into those computers, they did so to save the world. They are not to be criticized, they are to be thanked. Because it is our own government that belongs in jail.

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