False Flag Election Fraud

Okay, now it’s getting ridiculous. It’s pretty much being reported as a fact that Russia “hacked” the election. Excuse me, but even if they hacked into the Democratic Party computer, that’s not “hacking the election” itself. The Democratic Party are NOT the election, as much as they appear to think they were/are. What’s going on here? Have the Democrats run out of options to contest the election, so now they’re going to climb into the time machine and resurrect the Watergate Scandal?

These idiots have no idea what fire they’re playing with. Look, your guy had eight years in office. Your gal did not get elected. Now, let it go. Grow up and get over it. Sometimes the other team wins. But if you’re going to contest this election, you will set the precedent for every election after it to be contested. All they’ll need to do is come up with flimsy evidence that the Republic of East Checkerboard hacked into some political party database and by the time the investigation is over, the elected president will have all of six days in office. We’ll probably end up with provisional governments or interim presidents like we install in other countries where we interfered in their government. Man, it’ll be more like a church on the ropes that can’t find a minister and has a series of interim pastors.

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What happened to all the tough guys that said this is a democratic process we all must abide by no matter what? Oh, right, so long as YOUR candidate wins, am I right? “He didn’t get the popular vote!” So what?!? The Electoral College system is part of that, people! If you don’t like that, you can’t just go change that like trading in a car! It requires a Constitutional Convention, as I recall. But something tells me that if it were Hillary that did not win the popular vote but won the electoral vote, you’d be rubbing everyone’s faces in that if people complained. Am I right?

If Hillary won the election by electoral votes and not the popular vote and Republicans contested it, here’s what the Democrats would say: “The Electoral College is a part of our great tradition of democratic government. The Republicans are showing us how much they hate the democratic process, which demonstrates that we’re really the party that ought to be in charge. The Republicans need to accept the peoples’ voice in the election and stop with the unfounded accusations of interference from a foreign government. Because our election system is, and always has been, hack-proof. It’s a sad day when the Republicans try to shake the faith of the American people in the integrity of our democratic election system just because they lost the election. And they have no proof that Russia hacked into their database! Where is the proof? Why have they not been forthcoming with the “smoking gun”, so to speak? But more so, what was it that they felt they had to hide from the American people in the first place? That’s the real question we ought to be asking here.”

On top of all of this, there is a burgeoning movement to create civil unrest and disturbances on January 20th, the inauguration day. It’s being called “Occupy The Inauguration” and will probably draw the usual wanna-be anarchists and minor league Che Guevaras. Calls are going out to “resist” anything the Trump Administration tries to do that they disagree with. Which, I assume, also means him taking office in the first place. I humbly suggest these people occupy their own craniums for a change. Be that as it may, people in major cities would be well advised to expect traffic delays and blockages thanks to protestors. They will certainly be demonstrating their commitment to peace, non-violence, love, and compassion by throwing rocks, Molotov cocktails, and bottles at the police.

And even if they somehow “proved” Russia hacked into that database, what are they going to do? Contest the election and drag this on and on for the usual months-into-years of meetings, meetings, and meetings about the meetings? Who’ll pay for that? We will. Anyone who’s worked in certain corporate environments knows all about the McMeetings shtick. One place I worked, there were managers who spent the entire day in meetings. When asked why the information from the meetings was not passed down to us Regular Joes on the line, we were told, “I was stuck in meetings all day this week, so I couldn’t tell you to stop building those Type 2 Models because we discontinued them last month.” I put a gag internal memo on the bulletin board for a “Meeting Manager” who would manage the meetings and ten people applied for the position. Right, and so this is where we’re headed with the “investigation” into this False Flag Election Fraud. They can’t show us the evidence because they’re all stuck in meetings discussing the color of the file folder to be used by the committee.

I think this whole thing stinks of a U.S. covert operation. What better way to commit election fraud than to accuse the winner of having won by it and contest the election? Plus dragging some nation into it that can be counted on to be the bad guy from the old Cold War days. The Democratic Party needs to rename themselves the Senator Joseph McCarthy Party. This all sounds like something he would say. “The Russkies are infiltrating our elections! We need to investigate!” You’ve got to hand it to them. When the Democrats lose an election, not only do they dig up poor Richard Nixon, but hapless Senator Joseph McCarthy, too. I’m wondering when they’re going to demand we hold another election so we can win one for the Gipper.

But let me end by saying this. If the Democrats did not learn from Hillary’s email scandal over at State that they needed to run a tight ship in regards to computers, then they’re dumber than any of us can imagine.