Crybaby Nation: Boo-Hoo, We Lost the Election!

It’s been how many weeks now after the election and the crybabies are still whining about it. Well, all I can say is invest in a good set of earplugs, because these whiners will be crying and bawling for the next four years. This will go down in history as the world’s longest temper tantrum. But it begs the question: When did America devolve into Crybaby Nation? I think we should observe some key milestones in that journey.

There was once a time in America it did not need to be said that you didn’t bring your dog into restaurants, grocery stores, doctors’ offices, antique stores, and so on. It was just common sense and proper manners not to do that. But today, people demand the so-called “right” to bring their filthy pooches into restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, coffeehouses, and so forth. Why? Most often, they call them “emotional support animals”. And not just dogs are classified by that deceptive term, but also pigs, horses, ducks, kangaroos, marmots, and various rodents. Not that these critters especially enjoy being roped into the neurotic insecurities of their “human guardians” as they call themselves. I doubt that aquatic birds sat on a lake and said, “Gee, I think I’ll go into the companion field as a career move…” Right, but there are millions of Americans now who cannot do something as simple as going to the grocery store for a head of lettuce without dragging along five teacup poodles in orange vests they bought off the internet. Crybabies? I think so.

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Again, when people need something as ridiculous as “emotional support animals”, we’ve got a society that not only cannot be taken seriously but should not be taken seriously. It’s easy to see why Americans are such whiners and crybabies—the behavior is not only tolerated, it’s encouraged. Everywhere you go, it’s like being in the zoo and I’m not just talking about all the animals running around to “support” everyone. Peoples’ kids are raised with no discipline, manners, proper public behavior, or boundaries whatsoever. Because that might hurt the kids’ “self-esteem”. They now call it “free-range parenting” or some dang thing designed to sound bohemian. And if the kids run out into traffic and get hit as a result, then it must be we need fifteen new traffic lights and a law named after the dead kid. “If it saves just one life…” I have a better way to save lives. Stop justifying and encouraging stupidity. My gosh, people, circular saw blades now carry a warning embossed on them that says: “Do Not Try To Stop Blade With Fingers”.

Americans say they “haven’t got time” to do things like raise their kids or cook a healthy meal, but they somehow manage to come up with several hours a night to watch television. Hilariously, CNN has been reporting some Saturday Night Live skits parodying Trump and Putin as “news”. Not that “news” is necessarily any different than a comedy show that’s seen its better days, to be sure. The only difference between television news programs and television comedy shows is that the television news does not go into rerun syndication. You won’t see all the news stories about Obama’s resounding success in bringing democracy to Syria and claims that if you like your health care plan, you can keep it, being rerun on the off channel along with The Munsters and Three’s Company. For that, we can be thankful.

Americans are masters of constantly talking but saying nothing of value. This can be seen at any chain restaurant. A family of five, sitting down to a meal together, and all five are on their cell phones texting. I suspect the kids text their menu choices to dad or mom so they don’t have to endure the hassle of actually talking once in the evening. I would suppose requests to pass the salt or the ketchup are also texted. Everywhere you go, everyone is glued to their phones. If all the cell phones in America were suddenly turned off, I wager about 90% of the population would die of thirst and starvation sitting and staring into their cell phones, waiting for them to come back on. Americans feel this is a right and if they’re asked to please lower their voices in public while discussing genital inflammation on their cell phones, they will roar with indignation at their “rights” being violated. Crybabies? I’d say so.

A set of crack-addict parents could beat their toddler to death and before the body is even cold, the “family and friends” will have put up a fundraising site for the dead tot on the internet. Excuse me, but where were these family members and friends when the abuse was going on? Right, and anyone cares to wager a guess as to where the money they raise goes? I bet we both know. Or let some teen get shot and killed pulling off an armed robbery and within a day, he attains sainthood. Candles and flowers adorn a shrine to him at the site of his “murder” and, yes, a fundraising site on the internet goes up from his absentee parents. Pardon me, but where were they during the time he managed to acquire a rap sheet thicker than a dictionary? Again, where do you suppose this money goes? The media will play right along with it and the usual “family and friends” will cry on cue just like any other scripted performance. All of America will cry right along. At no point will anyone ask, “Wasn’t the time to act before the tragedy?”

Americans feel the need to be constantly entertained to the point people now have to go somewhere to GET AWAY from music, rather than to hear the music. Not that this bedlam of electronic noise, nasal whining, and ill-tuned guitar riffs can be called “music”. I’ve seen people pulled over by the cops because they’ve got a baby in the car and no infant car seat. They tell the cops they can’t afford one. That is, right after they turn down the volume on the $2,000 “sound system” installed in the car. Everywhere you go, it’s like America has a rap soundtrack now. Even country music is rapping now. This musical genre is entering it’s fifth decade soon and using the same basic beat as the very first year it appeared. Brilliant. A cookbook with one recipe. But if told to please turn down the volume, the response can be gunfire. Think I made that up? A cop up in Flagstaff was shot and killed a few years ago for telling some kid to turn down his stereo at 2 am. And this is the nation that thinks itself wise enough to rule the world.

This is the nation that thinks it can take on the Russians. The Russians soaked up 20 million dead in World War Two and still took Berlin. And, no, Stalin didn’t shoot all those 20 million people, either. That’s what American propaganda likes to say so we can cling to the myth we won World War Two all by ourselves with the French and British tied behind our backs. Right, we can take on the Russians. What, are you going to take your emotional support animals with you into combat? You’ll have to put away the cell phones. Snipers will see the light from them. This nation of crybabies and whiners really thinks it can take on the Russians! Astonishing! Just losing an election has them bawling like brats, what’ll happen when they lose a battle? They’ll have to seek therapy and there will be a run on the emotional support animal market. They’ll have to import giraffes so satisfy the demand.

This is the nation where people now are wearing pajamas and bedroom slippers in public. Now, this used to be a common nightmare—appearing in public dressed only in pajamas—but now it’s a fashion statement. And, pray tell, what fashion “statement” is that? “I’m an idiot who was too lazy to put on my clothes this morning…”, perhaps? If we declare war on Russia, we’ll save a ton of money on uniforms. Just draft everyone in the middle of the night and ship them off that way. They won’t mind. Just so long as everyone has got their emotional support animals and cell phones, everyone will be happy.

Obama says he’s going to somehow “do something” to punish the Russians for “hacking the election”. An allegation he has not proven. Ok, so what are you going to do? Pass more sanctions? On what? American emotional support pillow exports and gluten-free rice crackers? Give it up, Obama. Your party lost, your “legacy” is no different from Jimmy Carter’s, and Hillary is looking for an emotional support weasel but I understand the Democratic Party has a wealth of those critters. America, guess what? Your “culture”, so to speak, is not fit for export. Sanctions against exporting American products to “the enemy” are probably a blessing to “the enemy”, not a punishment. Let me put it bluntly to the Democrats: You lost the election. Now grow up get over it.