A Lesson in Democracy: An Open Letter to Young SJWs

Dear SJW:

You are young in this world, likely with little knowledge of history or political theory.  The social and political movements of the past eight years – your formative years – brought forward changes you deemed progressive. Changes you truly believed would continue endlessly.

You saw Hillary Clinton as the next guiding voice, the one to take you into what your high school teachers and college professors prophesized as the promised land. It mattered little that this march forward trampled on rights of others – those still clinging to what your teachers and professors derided and termed variously as a paternalistic, misogynistic, and racist past. Your teachers and professors told you those folks (the others) were as expendable as they were out of touch. Eggs to be cracked, as justified by your ideological masters.1 According to the accepted canon, it is a sin to be a hater, unless that hate is directed at “them.”

Throughout your relatively short political life, you were also told the light of democracy would shine the way. Historical progress via the voice of the masses – your masses – was on your side. Yet you suffered a devastating loss (or so you were told) at the ballot box – a loss that has left you in shock, anger, and tears.

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Soon you are about to learn an awful truth about democracy, one your teachers and professors ignored – the winners get to shove it down your throats for the next four years, just as your side shoved it down theirs for eight years. Eggs can be cracked from both sides of the carton.

However, you cannot complain. It was not enough for you to advocate for liberty and the rights of life and property for all. Instead of circumscribing the locus of power and control around your body and property, you listened to so-called educators who claimed you have the right to hold power and control over the lives and property others. They told you this is freedom and fair. That you did not see the hypocrisy in this stance is a product of those years of public schooling, just as is your inability to foresee the reactionary effect.

You cheered the scope and power of government when you believed it was in your control. And now that very same government will be unleased against you. In this, you need to take some of the blame and responsibility.

Now, from my standpoint, as a libertarian (i.e. Classical Liberal, not a member of the ideologically lost party that claims the mantle of libertarianism), the retribution over the next four years will likely weigh as heavy on me as you. Sure, it is possible some of your trespasses will be reversed, but it is more likely that scorpions will replace your whips.2

Had you known history, you would have realized political parties – such as your Democrats – care little (if at all) about your rights. Sure, they speak your language when necessary, but they only seek power for themselves. And those who use that party for their personal benefit, those who fund your protests and control the media, lock you out of their private communities, similar to those who control the Republican party.

In essence, the very folks you despise share drinks and jokes at The Mansion during the Kentucky Derby with those who control the Democrats. They simply bet on different horses while making deals.3

Sadly, most of you were too young during the Ron Paul presidential campaigns to have heard his message. However, thanks to Youtube, you can watch his campaigns unfold, campaigns about liberty. Watch and you will see another voice exists, a voice who speaks to your liberty and your pursuit of happiness.

All you have to forgo is the desire to force your views on others through the increased power and encroachment of the state. As you are about to learn over the next four years, the means you’re sought to achieve your ends are about to scourge you. Sure, you can hold out knowing the Democratic Party will once again hold power, but the Republican Party always lurks behind.

Together, let us embrace liberty and life. Let us advocate for real change – something more than the perennial switch from D to R, and back again. Let us sweep the current powers into the dustbins of history.4 The alternative is a continued political war that will, in the end, enslave you and me.


  1. Allusion to statements attributed to Lenin and other Bolsheviks
  2. Allusion to a speech made by a historic king, as noted in the Bible
  3. Keep in mind Clinton attended Trump’s wedding and Trump contributed to previous Clinton campaigns
  4. Allusion to statements made by Trotsky and Reagan