Movie Review: Silence Patton

I drove home after viewing a “sneak peek” of Robert Orlando (writer/director) and Mark Joseph’s (producer) documentary film about General George Patton entitled SILENCE PATTON thinking about something this film never intended when it was first conceived.  I drove home thinking we never learn from the past.

The current events of the day, namely the election of Donald Trump, forces one to make comparisons with General George Patton.  Oh, I’m going to hear it from veterans who will quickly say: “Donald Trump is no George Patton.”  Yes, that is true.  But I kept thinking of the lessons learned from the SILENCE PATTON film and I couldn’t help but parallel them with what is going on today in America.  The movie may portend America’s future.

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General Patton was outspoken.  He was no diplomat.  He saw no romance in war as military recruiters often sell to young men.  He had the unflinching nerve. He didn’t mince his words.  He spoke with bluntness.  He was not politically correct.  JFK (Special Edition D... Best Price: $2.82 Buy New $23.99 (as of 08:40 EST - Details)

Generals Eisenhower, Montgomery, Bradley, Ridgway were obviously envious of Patton’s tactical skills at war.  Why Patton was so audacious as to instruct his supply corps to pilfer petrol from other Army divisions.  Was he trying to steal all the glory?

Somehow a report of when General Patton visited his wounded troops in the European front and slapped one in the face and demanded he “man-up” and return to the front lines got back to journalist Drew Pearson in the U.S.  Patton ended up being temporarily relieved of duty for his insensitivity (if that can even be possible with all the atrocities of war) and had to watch the D-day amphibious assault on the beaches at Normandy strand thousands of troops due to tactical errors.    

Political answers

The political answers to the war were being drafted and agreed upon by Josef Stalin from the Russian side, Sir Winston Churchill for the British and Franklin D Roosevelt from the American side.  They met at Yalta in the Crimean peninsula in 1945. 

Churchill was wary of Stalin.  As the film documents, Roosevelt sought to meet with Stalin without Churchill’s presence.  Eventually, the Allied Forces allowed Russian troops to battle it out on the eastern front and in so doing, left the Russians to capture eastern Germany and Czechoslovakia, a terrible mistake that left Eastern Europe in the grip of another tyrant for 44 more years.

Eventually, Patton was restored to command of the 3rd Army and led the assault on the southern end of a broad frontal assault against the Germans in Eastern Europe. 

General Patton, in command of 500,000 troops was within hours of reaching Berlin and Prague, capitals of their countries.  Patton was inexplicably ordered to stand down. 

Russia not only annexed Eastern Europe but Berlin and the German heavy water technology in Vermork that led to the Ruskies (pronounced roosklies) developing the atom bomb. 

World War II on the Eastern Front was wrapping up.  German generals signed an unconditional surrender agreement on May 7, 1945.   US generals would return home to face hearings and inquiries about the war.  As the film indicates, General Patton was going to disclose all the screw-ups and mistakes on the war front.  Somebody didn’t want Patton’s bluntness to reach Congress and the American people. 

Here is where I won’t reveal the movie’s end and how General Patton died of injuries sustained from an automobile “accident” when a two-and-a-half ton US army truck swerved in front of the Cadillac sedan in which Patton was riding.  Only General Patton sustained injuries, a broken neck.  But was the injury solely from the impact with the army truck?  There is more that this film reveals.

Ample evidence points to “motivations” for an assassination. 

Fast forward Patton (Cinema Classic... Best Price: $1.98 Buy New $4.79 (as of 11:05 EST - Details)

Fast forward to today.  The stage is different.  A politically incorrect leader has emerged, President-elect Trump.  Vladimir Putin is the new Stalin (Russia having annexed Crimea and parts of the Ukraine in 2014).  It is said Putin wants to restore Russia to its glorious past, to bring back the USSR.  But Putin appears to be standing up to intimidation and provocation by NATO. 

There is covert and overt opposition to Trump.   Some factions obviously want to silence his voice, the brusque voice that overcame the objections of his own political party to become the popular candidate for President.  There are still those within his own party who object to his straightforwardness.  He rose to victory in the 2016 election by not being politically correct.  

The question that came to my mind is: will Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States be assassinated by conspirators from within his own party as General Patton apparently was at the end of WWII?  By the way, Patton’s auto-truck crash eerily resembles what happened to Princess Dianna in 1997.

Prior Presidential assassinations

In my lifetime there have been two Presidential assassination attempts, one successful the other not.   In the JFK assassination, there were attempts to blame it on the Russians.  An alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was said to have defected to the Soviet Union in 1959.  A former US Marine, it appears Oswald may have been a double agent for the U.S.  Following the assassination Oswald fled to a theater in Dallas to meet up with his handler, only to be arrested.  He claimed he was a patsy.

The dramatic movie JFK, produced in 1991 by Oliver Stone, had a strong impact upon Americans almost 30 years after Kennedy’s assassination.  JFK earned over $200 million worldwide.  JFK is still available but has become an obscure film. []

The official records of the Assassination Records Review Board are sealed from the public until 2029.  But Wikipedia says all existing assassination-related documents will be made public in 2017, fifty-four years after the assassination.

The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan was 35 years ago (March 30, 1981). Most of the Millennials who reached young adulthood around the year 2000 weren’t even born when the assassination attempt occurred and have obviously no memory of it other than what was briefly told to them in modern history classes. 

Was the guard dropped when President Reagan exited the Washington Hilton that day as a stray bullet ricocheted into Reagan’s chest?   Hinckley had been stalking President Jimmy Carter prior to the Reagan assassination attempt. 

Over 160 million Americans out of a population of 325 million were born before the Reagan assassination attempt.  Over 200 million Americans would have no memory of this event, as they are too young to recall it. 

Due to generational ignorance, will we ever learn the lessons of the past?

SILENCE PATTON has a lot of gripping drama in it.  It was in production long before Donald Trump was nominated for President.  The film was not originally intended to sway public opinion about Donald Trump.

The film has been in the making for some time and there are some pre-election reviews posted online.  It will debut sometime next year (2017) say its producers.