The Elite is Accelerating Earth Changing Events in a Rush to Implant Hillary in Power

As we move into the final month prior to this year’s presidential election, the tempo of dramatic world events and developments that are breaking daily is mind-boggling. Every single day we are seeing more outrageously desperate actions on the part of the globalists and their US government minions. Among the latest unfolding developments this week all fast tracking towards world war against Russia is NATO’s violation of international law deploying AWACS (Airborne Radar Warning and Control system) in Syria despite only Syria and Russia possessing the legal right to control the embattled country’s airspace. With both US and Turkish boots on the ground in northern Syria and US-led coalition airstrikes regularly invading the sovereign nation’s airspace, recently targeting Syrian soldiers and plans to kill more, along with former acting CIA director Mike Morell’s recent call to begin killing Russian soldiers, the latest warpath rant comes from Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley who is now threatening Russia (as well as China and Iran) with nuclear war. Spoken just like a true grade school bully on a playground, he boasts, “We will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before!” This is the kind of moronic leadership that rises to the top of the Empire food chain? I’m afraid so.

God help us when his most likely next commander-in-chief is the warmongering bulldog herself Hillary Clinton who’s not any more civilized nor humane. She’s already made it very clear that any real or perceived cyberspace attack on America coming from anywhere in the world constitutes an act of war and a military response against the cyber-perpetrators’ country. After already vowing to bomb Iran and with her constant accusations blaming Putin for everything gone wrong in her miserable life, including exposing her DNC corruption scandal responsible for rigging her presidential election, she is also all but promising to launch World War III against nuclear powered Russia. Incisive insider Paul Craig Roberts and even Putin have both said so. The neocon insanity that she represents is committed to perpetrating both suicidal and genocidal mass murder.

With a total of 7,100 US nuclear warheads as of August 2016 and an estimate reported two years ago of 2,150 operationally deployed nukes, America could destroy itself four times over while Russia’s 7,300  nuclear weapons would likely carry the same tremendous overkill power. When we’re all dead, it hardly matters who has what? As the Benghazi ringleader who gave the stand down order that sealed the fate of four murdered Americans would say, “What difference does it make?” The sheer madness in control of our planet right now actually believes the elite can simply hunker down in their underground luxury bunkers, take a long nuclear winter’s nap and a few years later emerge like Rip Van Winkle unscathed in their grandiose fairy tale. Talk about madness!

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Meanwhile, a whopping 40 million Russian citizens taking US threats very seriously are currently undergoing a WWIII practice drill in preparation for the real thing that the US megalomaniacs are bent on igniting. But unlike the US, Moscow is also taking care that at least 12 million of its citizens in their capital will also safely submerge into a subterranean world when the SHTF.

Demonized Syrian President Bashar al-Assad succinctly summed up US foreign policy accurately this way:

Today the United States is waging wars with the only goal to cement its project of total control by launching an attack on everyone who opposes its dominance.

Assad is reminding the world that the US Empire refuses to accept a balance of power sharing hegemonic interests with the two most powerful other nations on earth Russia and China. And invariably just when the curtain is lifted exposing the US crime cabal government that’s created and to this day still supporting al Qaeda and ISIS terrorism around the world, the wag the dog propaganda frenzy goes into overdrive to falsely vilify Putin and Assad for actually being the two biggest fighters of terrorism on the planet. But then peace and harmony are not what the New World Order agenda’s about. The globalist puppet masters pulling Washington’s strings are simply setting the stage to destroy the West in an orchestrated West versus East showdown at the doomsday corral in order to obfuscate the collapse of their house of cards, theft-based, a debt-based economy that will be sure to usher in their long plotted one world government tyranny.

This week’s tempo of news breaking events exposing Hillary and the US government’s aggressive hubris is only accelerating the closer the November election looms. The globalists are well aware that a growing segment amongst the global masses are on to them and their evil ways. So the elite is growing increasingly desperate trying to plug all the holes of endless false narratives exposing the rampantly corrosive corruption and in-our-face criminality of the entire Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Clinton dynasty. Thus, the dangerous treachery of warmongering rhetoric and reckless threats are ratcheting up daily.

But one key development seems to have barely gotten noticed this week. On October 1st Obama took us one enormous step closer to stripping away our free speech and access to accurate news sources via the internet as virtually the only truth disseminator left on the planet that’s not already oligarch owned and controlled by the six mega-media corporations. As of this last weekend, Obama surrendered US control over important functions of the internet to the United Nations. Tech experts warn that placing internet domain responsibility into the hands of a centralized global bureaucracy like the UN may well lead to widespread censorship and control as just another warning sign plunging humanity towards New World Order totalitarianism.

Of course, in recent years the CIA-NSA-Homeland Security apparatchik has co-opted internet giants like Facebook and Google which also controls YouTube, enlisting them as deep state spies invading citizens’ privacy and increasingly censoring the internet according to what deep state dictates as acceptable for consumption by a dumbed down robotic population. Just as mainstream media is now overwhelmingly viewed by the vast majority of Americans as pure propaganda not to be trusted, by design so will the same oppressive fate soon befall the internet. Again, history keeps repeating itself as truth becomes the enemy of every totalitarian state. The elite plans to shut down any voice of dissent and the truth, thus gaining absolute control over the servile misinformed population. The rise and fall of the US Empire is morphing rapidly into a globalized crime cabal that only a handful of ruling psychopaths could love.

The recently rigged spectacle of a debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was just more over-the-top evidence that the elite controls every aspect of this year’s presidential election. It’s been reported that Hillary received the debate questions a week in advance when an NBC intern was spotted dressed in a Fed Ex uniform delivering a package directly into the hands of her campaign manager. And it didn’t take a four-time world poker champ to point out that Hillary was obviously in cahoots sending hand signals to MSM moderator Lester Holt every time she wanted to take another cheap shot at the Donald. Her bag of dirty tricks is unending as it’s also gone public that she is paying big bucks for dirty laundry secrets about her opponent. And since Trump’s recent tax return is unavailable due to a pending audit, the Clinton rag the New York Times feebly released a 1995 tax return that only found Trump using the same legal tax code loopholes that every other wealthy American reporting losses exploits in the corrupt US tax law system. But that would-be smoking gun quickly fizzled out.

Less than two months ago on national television Clinton campaign strategist Bob Beckel called for a drone assassination strike on Julian Assange to “illegally shoot the son of a bitch” due to ongoing WikiLeaks’ disclosures incriminating Hillary for her “lost” emails and DNC documents chronicling how she stole the primaries away from Bernie Sanders to cheat her way to the nomination. Earlier this week because Assange was again threatened with his life, at the last minute he called off his hyped up bombshell disappointing millions who had stayed up late in America. Julian did promise to release within a few days such damaging information on the war, arms, oil, Google, the election and mass surveillance that many hope will finally put Hillary behind bars where she belongs once and for all.

Speaking of a hard time, the felony blackmail her hubby Bill brazenly committed just prior to the FBI-Justice Department issuing Hillary’s get-out-of-jail card also just surfaced. Journalist-author Edward Klein in his recent book Guilty as Sin wrote that he received some powerfully damaging information from one of Bill Clinton’s closest legal advisors. The anonymous source said that Bill shared with his advisor, “I want to bushwhack Loretta [Lynch],” the sitting US Attorney General. So the unindicted rapist stalked and laid in waiting to pounce on Lynch at the Phoenix airport in July prior to boarding her plane. Bill’s ambush was to blackmail the AG. Afterward the former president bragged to advisors how he had the Attorney General sweating and shaking, so thoroughly intimidated that she promised not to charge Hillary with any crimes for being guilty of violating national security. On a related side note to Bill’s alleged sex crimes, Hillary’s been labeled his enabler pretending to stand for women’s rights on the one hand while on the other hypocritically intimidating to viciously discredit her husband’s past accusers.

That’s just the way business in Washington DC is done, behaving like criminal thug killers not unlike organized crime. The Clintons have been notoriously aggressive gathering and using the dirt on others in order to get what they want, from Arkansas to the White House. And when others in their path ever resist, a murder trail of dozens of close associates have suspiciously shown up dead, from longtime Clinton family friend-White House Counsel Vince Foster to Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Three more victims with ties to both the DNC and Clinton this summer are just the latest fatalities. Blackmail and murder pretty much explain Hillary and her husband’s modus operandi that appears immune from any and all accountability. A two-tiered justice system has been operating in the US for a long time where the top 1% continue getting away with murder while the rest of us without constitutional rights get screwed by a grossly unjust, violent police state system.

Assange and WikiLeaks may have deferred their bombshell to Romanian hacker aka Guccifer 2.0 who released over 800 megabytes amounting to 42 pages showing how millions of taxpayer TARP bailout dollars were syphoned off and allegedly laundered illegally through the Clinton Foundation. The hacked documents list a database of “pay-to-play” donors and bribes to selected Congress members as well as on to major banks and large financial institutions. Other documents show kickbacks from banks to Congress members. Tax dollars allocated to boost the recession-racked US economy ultimately padded the 1%’s deep pockets, compliments of Hillary and Bill’s criminal laundering scheme. If confirmed as legitimate Foundation documents and not the already hacked DNC records released earlier this year, this latest data dump is but one more example demonstrating Bill and Hillary’s “pay-for-play” criminal enterprise. Moreover, additional emails released this week confirm how her State Department and her Clinton Foundation worked for hand in glove together to illegally drum up revenue and influence with clear evidence of conflict of interest.

Despite this fact, prior to Hillary even being nominated by Obama to become his Secretary of State, she signed an ethics agreement that was a Memorandum of Understanding as a precondition to taking the job that she would not violate conflict of interest laws by allowing foreign interests undue influence. As soon as she accepted her powerful position, she began violating her White House agreement and compromising national security. In fact over half the private interests (85 out of 154) who met Hillary at her State Department made sizeable donations often into the millions totaling $156 million.

Pathological liar Hillary committed perjury before the Benghazi Congressional hearings and lied hundreds of other times, chief among them claiming she had turned over all her emails to the FBI that later found 17,448 more that she had failed to submit. In early March this year Hillary received a subpoena from the FBI for her emails. So what did she do? Three weeks later she ended up caught deleting 33,000 more emails attempting to destroy critical evidence, yet another crime. Through the watchdog group Judicial Watch, even more emails were procured from the State Department beyond the 55,000 emails she allegedly turned over to the FBI.

Repeatedly Clinton’s unsecured private server account had been used to criminally sell off America and US arms to the highest foreign bidders from places like Saudi Arabia (gave $10 million to Foundation) and Israel on top of her willful destruction of incriminating evidence she tried hiding from authorities to cover up her countless crimes. Throughout her entire 4-year stint as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton knowingly breached national security allowing foreign nationals and hackers easy access to this nation’s top secret classified information. Anyone else but her would be doing decades inside a federal prison.

Because of Hillary’s crimes and FBI Director James Comey’s whitewashed investigation, both the Justice Department and the FBI have been politically and irreparably compromised, causing the public to completely lose confidence in both government and law enforcement. Comey used his red herring smoke screen of “intent” to bogusly justify not pressing charges. Yet violating national security clearly, falls under US Code 793 and has nothing to do with Clinton’s intentions but everything to do with her passing at least 22 top secret emails through her unsecured private server. Clearly, she broke a federal law that’s among the most serious of all felonies. Yet despite her consistent lying, destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice, she was never even required to take a single polygraph test. Comey’s shoddy farce of a non-investigation indicates that he’d made the political decision from the get-go to not prosecute. At no time did he refer the case to a grand jury. Instead, he granted immunity to key witnesses and totally overlooked Hillary’s destruction of evidence.

Because the DC crime cabal works together in the oligarchic interest of the ruling elite, Congress will never dare impeach Hillary Clinton, even though overwhelming evidence of her criminality and immorality make her unfit for president. And as far as Director Comey’s criminal part, the Senate has more than enough grounds to file a resolution of no confidence in his capacity to oversee the FBI. Many FBI personnel working under Comey are now calling him a “traitor” too.

Audited financial records show that both Bill and Hillary Clinton amassed a fortune by diverting millions through their Clinton Foundation into their own private bank accounts. While Hillary headed the State Department, her partner-in-crime husband made a cool $48 million in speaking fees 215 times that she lent her official stamp of approval. Their combined speaking engagements from 2001 to her presidential bid earned them $153 million. The same Persian Gulf monarchies that overtly support and finance ISIS terrorists that Hillary and Obama created gave the Clintons over $100 million. This unprecedented scale of obscene corruption enabled foreign interests undue influence and control over both the Clintons and US foreign policy as their pay-for-play tax-exempt Foundation profited $2 billion. Since 1997 over $100 billion has been collected by their international criminal charity foundation. The Clinton scheme monetized the White House, using illicit practices no different from the drug cartels to set up multiple shell entities for no other reason but for money laundering purposes.

The Clinton’s post-earthquake Haiti debacle  starting in 2010 with photo-ops and promises became a disgraceful example among many where 95 cents on each dollar was absconded by the Clintons while the remaining 5 cents trickled down to a few quake victims. An artificially inflated price tag into the hundreds of millions was designated for building a new hospital that was never built. $2 million for housing never got off the ground. A minuscule fraction of what they took in was actually spent on victims in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation. The Clintons greedily self-enriched through their charity fraud off the backs of the destitute, hungry and homeless. Their organization was supposed to create 16,000 jobs but instead created a sweat shop on the north side of the island where the least damage occurred. $13 billion was raised in all. A mining gold contract was secured for Hillary’s brother while her chief of staff Cheryl Curtis made 30 trips to Haiti ostensibly to set up an industrial park and posh hotels that made a killing for the Clintons. To this day Haiti’s earthquake victims have yet to receive their promised assistance from the Clintons.

Getting richer off selling enriched uranium to the so-called enemy Putin that’s the essential ingredient for making nuclear weapons allowed Russia to buy up 20% of America’s uranium deposits as yet another flagrant act of treason. And now hypocrite Hillary is resorting to the same kind of cold war witch hunt that Joe McCarthy would be proud of, accusing Donald Trump, Roger Stone and other critics of being un-American, secretly colluding with Russia, implying that they are violating national security, the very same high crime she willfully and recklessly perpetrated herself as the traitor she is. Both the Clintons’ entire public careers have been mired in scandal, controversy, deception, cutthroat criminality, and thuggery.

Finally, because on top of everything else Hillary is gravely ill suffering from a host of severe medical and mental health issues, it’s all the more reason to ensure that she does not get elected. WikiLeaks determined that in 2011 Clinton asked her State Department staff to research a commonly prescribed drug for treating Parkinson’s disease. Her poor balance, multiple episodes of falling down, coughing fits, and what appear to be seizures have created a firestorm of speculation.

Do Americans really want to place their lives in the hands of a known psychopathic liar and criminal with such severe medical impairments who possesses the capability to push the nuke button that would end the world? Another heinous world war, extreme tyranny and corruption bringing more human carnage, suffering and despair on a scale that humanity’s never witnessed before, if the diabolical Hillary Rodham Clinton ends up the next US president, that is exactly what’s in store for us. The globalists realize their window is fast closing before the now waking masses will be turning against them to actively oppose their finalized one world government disorder and brutality. Thus, they’re frantic to place their latest demonic puppet into power in order to deliver their apocalyptic destruction to our planet earth.