Hey Bill, We Already Knew Obamacare Was Crazy!

Hey, did any of you know that ObamaCare is the craziest thing in the world? Houston, we have liftoff! Check it out. Get a load of Bill Clinton over here! They say even a broken clock is right twice a day and good old Bill proves that. Because, well, he’s right in what he says about it. I’m as reluctant as most are to approve of something Bill says, but I give credit where it is due.

Now, pay attention to what this means because it’s actually very important. It isn’t just a coincidence that Bill says this while his wife is in the home stretch of a presidential election. We can pretty much bet that this came from Hillary’s campaign headquarters. Now, it isn’t at all unusual for someone running for president to criticize the sitting president. Or, once a person becomes president, to blame his predecessor for his own problems. George W. Bush blamed Bill Clinton for his problems and Barack Obama blamed George W. Bush for his problems. But they were also blaming the other party in that equation as well. What we have here is a paradigm shift in the blame game.

What Hillary is doing is blaming the sitting president of her own party. Not only that, but a president she served in the administration of. Usually, when someone is running for president after a two-term president of the same political party, they say: “Help me carry on the great work done by Bill Clinton!”. Like Al Gore basically did, remember? But there’s more than meets the eye here with what Hillary is doing.

I think Hillary is trying to inoculate herself against the firestorm of criticism and anger sure to come when ObamaCare literally collapses under the weight of its own stupidity in, oh, I’d say about mid-2017 or 2018. Hillary is trying to build wiggle room to distance herself from ObamaCare so she can pursue a way to “fix” it but also to have plausible deniability if she can’t “fix” it and it tumbles into bankruptcy. She is also trying to collect voters who hate ObamaCare, sure. But most importantly here is that she literally knows ObamaCare is doomed. That’s why she’s already commandeered a lifeboat on the deck of the USS ObamaCare.

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Look, earlier in her campaign, she said she wanted to vigorously expand ObamaCare enrollment. Now her husband (i.e. the Stealth Hillary Drone) is saying ObamaCare is, and I quote him here, “…the craziest idea in the world…” Well, that’s because early in her campaign, she couldn’t have said that and gotten away with it. The Democrats would have blown a head gasket at such apostasy. But this far along when the Democrats cannot replace her and hope to beat Trump, Hillary knows the Democrats cannot stop this heresy from Democratic Party dogma. Not only that, but she can say she cannot control what Bill says in the first place. Like Jimmy Carter couldn’t control his Billy.

What does this mean? Ok, look, in Arizona alone, three health insurance companies that I know of have pulled out of the ObamaCare “health care marketplace” leaving thousands in the lurch scrambling for coverage lest their tax returns get dinged to the tune of a grand. I understand health insurance companies are leaving the ObamaCare “health care marketplace” faster than the “Coalition of the Willing” started pulling out of the Iraq War once their troops started getting killed. This will continue because Obama made a mistake of epic proportions.

See, you can make individual people “participate” in ObamaCare because you can force them to do so. Simply by calling it a “tax”, you can penalize their tax returns if they refuse to enroll. Or cannot afford to enroll, and that’s one thing Clinton was bringing up in his comments. In a very real sense, ObamaCare is the “poor tax” just like in the game of Monopoly. And a monopoly is what Obama handed to the biggest health insurance corporations. Because the smaller insurance companies are pulling out of it, and their customers have no choice but to go with who remains: The Big Box health insurers. Who probably donated to Obama’s campaigns. The government can force individual people to enroll, but they cannot force companies to participate in that BS “health care marketplace”.

Right, so because there is no carrot or stick for the smaller companies to participate, they pull out of the Obama “marketplace” by the droves. Thus, it isn’t a “marketplace” at all, but an early 1900s coal town company store run by the government and Wall Street. However, this isn’t working out at all as planned. They didn’t realize there were so many people in the United States with health problems. Well, duh! Look at what the government subsidizes: Corn, wheat, and soy. That’s the “cheap food” people eat. Guess what? It’s not healthy to live on it. Not to mention a prescription painkiller addiction rate that is the highest in the world. Maybe that’s why we needed Afghanistan. It wasn’t to run some pipeline across the place, it was to keep open the opium pipeline for the pharmaceutical companies. So, yes, many of these people are in poor health. So, again, yes, costs will be higher.

That is why the government had to force everyone into ObamaCare. To spread out the costs amongst everyone. Basically, all the healthy people paying in would cover the losses of the sick. Except, that would have to suppose you have more healthy people than sick and/or people with chronic health issues. Obviously, we don’t. Many people are stuck in an endless cycle of flawed Western medicine techniques that are basically a method of carpet bombing the human body with prescription medications to hopefully hit one microbe hiding in the body. That costs money, folks. That’s why the smaller companies are pulling out of ObamaCare. Come another couple years, the “big boys” are going to make this discovery, too. That’s when ObamaCare is going to fall flat on its face. Gosh, Mommy Government, ObamaCare fell down and went boom!

Hillary knows this. That’s why only now are we hearing this. However, for this to be openly said during a presidential campaign at all, regardless of motives, tells us ObamaCare is certainly in very deep trouble and has been for some time now. All the little problems from the start were not “growing pains”. Those were omens. And the worst is yet to come. Hillary knows ObamaCare is going to collapse on her watch and she’s already prepping for it. I think she’ll want to quietly scrap it and shuffle the lower income folks off to Medicare and Medicaid. Which can be done, but, guess what? To pay for that, we’ll need to basically take that money out of the Pentagon or Social Security. One or the other. People better figure out if they’d rather get back some of the money the government stole from them or if they’d rather bomb Syria endlessly for another decade. Because too many people have gotten coverage from ObamaCare or tied their plans in with it for the government to just pull the plug on it.

This is what you get when the government tells you something will be “free”. The only thing free will be headaches. Whether or not you can afford the aspirin for it, well, that’s another story. Smart people know you can brew white willow bark tea for headaches. But with the government, it’ll take billions of dollars and five new government agencies to remedy that headache.