I’m With Hillary

It’s time to put to rest this conspiracy theory that Hillary is not fit to be president. I think, and recent evidence proves, she’s the finest candidate for the office of President of the United States we’ve had in at least 160 years.

Oh sure, in the grand history of the US of A, we’ve been blessed with untold numbers of great presidents who have graced us with their services to the people as… 

Oops. Let me start again.  

In the long and storied history of America, we’ve had several great men who were president and lead us into wars…. 

No. Wait… As president, a few stand outs have killed our own citizens, dropped atomic bombs on civilians and connived us into wars we didn’t….

Hold it! Need a rewrite… Over the years, there’s been a couple of OK guys who have been president….

No. That’s wrong… 

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Here we go: Since we’ve been electing these war-mongering clowns, there ain’t been one of them (current Nobel Peace Prize poseur included) worth a single parrot-dropping…

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OK. There was this one guy… One dude who stands out and became president and didn’t start any wars, bomb children in foreign countries, over-throw democratically elected governments; nor did he raise our taxes… 

This great president’s name was William Henry Harrison. Harrison was the ninth President of the United States. He was an American military officer and politician.

He was also the first president to die in office. Thirty-two days in office to be exact.

What more could you ask?

So never mind the Hillary and her “Second Stage Dementia,” consistently coughing up a Category 4 Atlantic hurricane, or a few minor Grand Mal seizures here and there, a lost email or two, or the Clinton Fraudation Charity. 

Really. At this point, what difference does it make?

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Hillary is the best chance we have for a new president to get into office and deadlock government by kicking the proverbial bucket within the first month in those hallowed halls. 

If she does stiff within the first 31 days as president, she’ll make it into the Guinness Book of World Records as first woman president of the USA and the fastest to assume room temperature. 

Who says a woman can’t do as well as a man?

What more could the American public want or deserve?

Vote often and vote Hillary.