President Hillary Clinton?! Better Get Used To It

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for all of you. Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president of the Dis-United States. No, I am not basing that on the debate last night. I didn’t see them or hear them. I am basing it on the fact that Donald Trump has made some strategic blunders in his campaign. And, attached to his ego, he refuses to humble himself and repent of them to save his campaign. Therefore, it is not that Hillary is going to win this election. It’s that Trump will lose it and Hillary, ergo, wins it by default.

Now, after the disasters of ObamaCare and Syria, beating the Democrats in 2016 should have been a slam-dunk for the Republican Party. But they demonstrate that, repeatedly since 2008, they pick candidates that cannot win. McCain could not win, not with Sarah Palin on the ticket. Romney could not win because, well, he’s Mitt Romney. And Trump cannot win because his ego will not allow him to change direction and pull this election out of the fire. The Republican Party thought they were hitching their wagon to a shooting star with Trump. Well, what they did was hitch a wagon the wheels had fallen off of to a wet bottle rocket. Fsssst! Plink…

Why and how? Well, for starters, how about the campaign slogan? “Make America Great Again”?! What in the heck does that mean?! Great, okay, great how? More wars? More military spending? More molly-coddling Wall Street and playing duck-and-cover with ObamaCare instead of fighting it by defunding the dang thing? People are tired of hearing how “great” we are when they see footage of thousands of people out throwing rocks and bottles at the cops. The reality doesn’t live up to the figment of patriotic imagination we call the Great American Ego.

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Next, this whole building the re-run of the Berlin Wall on the border with Mexico was a blunder worse than building the Maginot Line that preceded the Berlin Wall. Such a wall would, indeed, be a hybrid of the Maginot Line and the Berlin Wall with Hadrian’s Wall thrown in for good measure. Because, where are those walls now? Right, chunks of them are up for sale on eBay and the rest of them provide homes for swallows, rabbits, and mice. Building the Great Wall of America is not going to make us great or solve any problems. Did those other walls I mentioned solve the problems they were built to prevent? No, they did not. History shows that time always has the last laugh on the foolish ambitions of mankind.

Look, here is the truth the media will not tell you. The “illegal aliens” are not the reason our economy is in the toilet. The actual reason is because we are in the decline and death of a doomed economic system we foolishly imagine to be “capitalism”, which it is not. What it is, happens to be an odd mish-mosh of various systems that then become the Government-Industrial-Financial Complex and requires massive consumer and military spending just to keep its head barely above water. People cannot bring themselves to admit our economic system is deeply flawed and cannot survive much longer. Why? Because the Great American Ego does not allow them to admit we might have made a serious mistake. Thus, refusing to humble ourselves and own up to our errors, we keep right on down the same path to eventual economic collapse.

Another serious error was Trump complaining about “the Muslims”. By and large, people have now figured out that this very tiny segment of the American population is not a threat as much as Trump makes them out to be. But where Trump made a serious tactical mistake was in bashing the “illegal aliens” (and losing the Hispanic vote) and the “Muslim immigrants” together. Had we wanted to win this election, he would have gone down to the border with Mexico. And said this: “I need to be able to help our immediate neighbors here and let more come in that need in. So, I’m sorry, but we can’t really let in any more immigrants from overseas right now until our immediate neighbors are taken care of.” See, those “illegal aliens”? Almost 100% Christian. So, if your game plan was to keep out “the Muslims”, obviously, you need to let in more Christians. And garner their votes in the process.

Be that as it may, when the nation is already embroiled in racial unrest, the thing to do is not to make it worse by complaining about “the Muslims” because most people know that can be taken to mean Middle Eastern people. And, guess what? Large numbers of Middle Eastern people here in the United States are actually Christians. I mean, come on people, Christianity began in the Middle East. The fact is, people really aren’t threatened by immigrants, illegal or legal. What people are threatened by is the fact it gets harder and harder to make ends meet in this country. That’s what scares people. And after ObamaCare has now removed even more cash from peoples’ pockets, this election should have been a no-brainer. Well, yes, in a way it is.

Had Trump wanted to win this election, he should have proposed some better economic ideas than the same old crap we’ve heard for decades now. If those ideas worked, why are we even deeper in trouble now? People need to come up with better ideas beginning with admitting our economic system is dying and if we don’t start looking beyond it soon, we’re going to be in worse situation than Russia was in when the Soviet Union collapsed. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact that no system can survive once you have the problems this one is seeing. When the government has to step in and “save” it, how can this economic system be anything more than on life support? Code Blue, and in rushes Doctor Government to administer the shock paddles to Wall Street and bring it out of cardiac arrest.

The good news is that if the Republicans lose this election, which I am predicting they will, it will be either the end of the Republican Party, or they will need to restructure and bring in people that have actual ideas that did not manifest from nonsense written in 1980. I think it would also present a great opportunity for the Libertarian Party to shove the Republicans aside. In addition to that, losing a presidential election three times in a row will certainly fill the lifeboats of the Republican Party. But it will also cause the Democratic Party to hit an iceberg themselves. because when you’ve won three elections in a row, guess what? You can’t keep blaming the Republicans anymore. Now you OWN this mess. And when they don’t clean it up, that’ll hasten the obsolescence of the Democrats, too.

Hillary has no bright ideas herself, either. But winning this election, she gets to OWN this disaster. She’s going to be the one that finds all the past-due unpaid bills for Syria and ObamaCare shoved in the back of a desk drawer in the Oval Office. Those are the policies of her Democrat predecessor, so there won’t be any wiggle room to blame the Republicans. Who will already be fading away into oblivion by then. The Libertarian Party needs to really sit down and do their homework. Because it’s going to be the 2020 election that matters. Not this one. This one is just setting the stage for it.