A More Excellent Way To Avoid a Terrorist Attack

I’ve predicted this before and was, unfortunately right. I am talking about more terrorist attacks. I hate to say this—again—but I’ve got this weird feeling we’re about to get hit again but bigger than the last two micro-attacks using a knife and a homemade bomb. It isn’t difficult to predict these events, really. One only need to look at the history of al-Qaida to understand that attacks will continue, grow larger and bolder in scale, and will also go on for at least a decade or more. Folks, we ain’t even into half-time with ISIS attacks yet.

I wrestled with what I am about to say. I don’t want to be giving anyone ideas. But at the same time, if I don’t sound the warning on things I think could happen, I fail in my duty as a journalist. I’m not here for ratings or fame. Besides all of this, if one looks at the nature of ISIS attacks in France, and the ones here, one can predict what may happen next without giving anyone ideas they probably aren’t already planning right now.

We’re at a critical time right now as far as the “low-hanging fruit” that will be very tempting to entities such as ISIS and their do-it-yourself crew of ISIS Amateur Night imitators. How and why? We are going into a presidential election year and our elections take place at the beginning of two major holidays seasons, those being Thanksgiving and Christmas. But what’s the most dangerous of all scenarios is the shopping frenzy that begins earlier and earlier each year. My gosh, places already have the Christmas shopping promotions out!

I think if more attacks are going to occur, they’re going to hit the Christmas shoppers at the biggest malls and Christmas sales. I also would think that, based on the attacks in Europe, if they hit an airport, it’ll be for the Thanksgiving rush because that’s the one with the least amount of time to get from place to place. Now, the reason they would do this is because the elections will have already taken place. If the goal is to create some type of political carrot (or stick they can use as a tar baby to get the U.S. stuck in another no-win war), then they’re going to want to hit Thanksgiving travel and Christmas shopping. Because those are two things that will create the most headlines and fear. I doubt they’re going to hit the elections or polling places. But if they do, that’ll be a whole new chapter which will reinforce the “they hate us for our freedom” myth and that’ll sell everyone on another Middle Eastern war. Which, of course, will not be won and will be just a tar baby to suck the United States into willingly.

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If or when these attacks happen, there will be a lot of anger, fear, hatred, sadness, anxiety, and other emotions the government will exploit in one way or another. People will demand the government embroil us even further in this never-ending cycle of violence because they have become attached to this illusion of revenge. The desire for revenge is then fitted to this need to defend the Great American Ego and people then carry this incarnation of delusion around with them and think it to be a “response” to terrorism. But I will show you a more excellent way.

The terrorists operate on large crowds. Now, I’m old enough to remember when you saw no one on the streets during Thanksgiving or the day after. Not because they were cowering in fear in some “safe room” bunker inside their homes. They were embracing one another with love and giving thanks for one another and what they had. Not what they were going to GET, but what they HAD. Understand this: You cannot be killed by terrorists around the Thanksgiving table which is where you ought to be on that day. They also can’t get you the day after if you’re still at home with family, enjoying turkey sandwiches and togetherness. See, folks, Black Friday sales are a scam engineered to get you to buy, buy, buy. Governments love it because you’ll pay more sales tax and work longer hours to get “Christmas money” to spend and which you’ll pay higher income tax on. Don’t be a target for terrorists or governments: Stay home and eat turkey. Love your families. Love your spouse. Your kids. Give thanks for what you’ve got. Not what others are trying to convince you to buy. That’s not what Thanksgiving is for. Make Black Friday into Stay At Home Friday.

The terrorists operate on large crowds. I’m also old enough to remember you didn’t always get everything you wanted for Christmas. Oh, and by the way, does anyone know what Christmas really is? It’s to celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. And you don’t have to be a Christian to believe in the message he brought that said the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. And, also, guess what? Your neighbor may very well be your enemy. What happened to that message when people trample their neighbors to death in a Black Friday sale to get the latest electronic doo-dad the kids want for Christmas? I look around America and I ask: What happened to love your neighbor? The United States thinks buying more crap is going to make them happy. Really? Why, then, does the United States lead the world in the use of anti-depressant medication? I ask, what happened to love your neighbor when people are pushing and shoving each other at the mall? Maybe people ought to give some thought to that.

See, I will show you a more excellent way and it doesn’t cost any money. It doesn’t take government or the military. It’s called getting your priorities straight and understanding what prosperity and thankfulness really is. People say, what can I be thankful for? Draw a glass of water from your tap. You’re holding something for which thousands of people die each day on this planet because they haven’t got that. I can tell you that most of them are children. So if you can draw a glass of clean water and give that to yourself or to your children, you are blessed. Prosperity isn’t the amount of “stuff” you have, it’s how free you are from illusions that enslave you such as hatred, anger, fear, and the need for revenge. The government will work hard to sell you on those emotions in the aftermath of terrorist attacks, too.

There really isn’t anything you can do to stop terrorist attacks. Hatred only eats you alive and violence only leads to more violence. We’ve been bombing ISIS for, what, over a year now? Has anything changed? Have they been stopped? Of course not. Because we are stuck in a cycle of revenge that never ends. And who started this? Be honest with yourself. The United States government got us into this mess in the insane quest to make Assad “step down”. Therefore, how can they possibly have the solution? But the solution is here. The solution is to refuse to participate in the hatred. Stay home for the holidays. Treasure your families, the time together, and the true security that comes from home and hearth alone and not from a government or a mall.

There’s bad news and there’s good news. The bad news is, yes, we’re going to see more attacks and they’re only going to get worse. The government and the military cannot save you or prevent them. The good news is, there is a way out of it. We can choose to stay home during the holidays and be with our families, love them, and treat every day like it could be the last. Because if you do that, if that day is your last, you will not have regrets. They will know you loved them and they loved you. Terrorists cannot take that away from you. Sounds simple? That’s because it is. The simple life is a good life. And darkness cannot defeat darkness. Only light can do that. Be the light you wish to see in the world, not the darkness.

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