Freedom: The Deadliest Illusion

I have received quite a few emails in regards to my last article. People are asking me for more explanation on the concept of liberating our minds from the government. I am quite happy to go into more detail and I think we can all profit from this.

There are two major illusions the United States government creates that enslave the people to the concept of the United States government. These two illusions are that freedom is, firstly, given to us by the government and, secondly, that freedom is defended by the military. Not only that, but freedom is also provided in some way by the military, almost like a bizarre joint venture between the United States civilian government and the military. This is, of course, absurd. However, a vast number of Americans believe these two illusions to be true. Did we not just “recognize” the woefully misnamed “Patriot Day” to call to mind the events of September 11, 2001? Right, as if people went to work that day thinking, “Hmmm…I guess I’ll die for my country today. Right after coffee…” Again, this is absurd.

But let us examine this deception that the United States government provides or gives us freedom. To begin with, not even the Constitution and Bill of Rights gives those to us. They recognize that freedom already exists. I will take that even further: Freedom is the natural state in which all living beings exist. What?! I will say it again: Freedom is the natural state in which all living beings exist. The sun does not come up each morning because the United States government wills it to be so. That one thing, and water are what create the conditions necessary for the ongoing process of life. The United States government does not provide that, nor can the government stop, alter, or give more of those two things. Every living being exists in a rhythm decided by those two things, not the United States government.

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Let me expand upon this. At this very moment, hummingbirds are migrating to Latin America en masse. They have no passports, no ID, have filed no flight plans with the FAA, have not paid any taxes, and will not care if they present a blip on NORAD radar and scare the State into thinking it is being attacked. What would happen if an equal number of Americans attempted this feat? They would probably be in violation of several federal laws. The first of which would have been paying no taxes on income. These birds ate by the sweat of their brow and paid no taxes on the nectars that represent their income. The United States government absolutely will not allow people to live in this country who work and support themselves alone without paying taxes. Nor do people have the freedom to just up and leave at will without various bizarre dances around scraps of paper. Even worse, should one wish to “migrate” via passenger aircraft, one must submit to humiliations, sexual harassment, and violations of personal sovereignty at the hands of federal TSA goons. Hummingbirds submit to no such violations of the body. Therefore, freedom is the natural state of all living beings that do not live under the rule of a government.

Another example would be dandelions. People spend millions of dollars trying to eradicate this free being who moves where it wishes without permission or papers. This flower evolved a method by which the wind carries its seeds into the yards of people who have not desired it to appear. This plant has not paid any property tax to state and local governments. In some cities, it is illegal for them to be in your yard, along with certain other plants. Yet, the plant itself cannot be punished by governments. The government can only punish the hapless people who believe their freedom comes from the government oppressing them for the actions of a free being known as the dandelion. Let us go further. Suppose you believed you had the right to cultivate any plant you wished. You would be jailed if you cultivated cannabis, peyote, and coca. Opium poppies are, astonishingly, legal to grow provided you do not harvest the milk. Be that as it may, how can it be believed a government that will not allow you to grow whatever you wish to grow gives you “freedom”?

It must be rejected that freedom comes from the government. The government continually passes laws that restrict freedom. Have we gotten freer since the American Revolution? No. In fact, the opposite occurs. Each year, more laws are passed the restrict, deny, or take away the freedom we know to be the natural state of all living beings. The United States government cannot give what does not belong to it in the first place. Freedom is not the property of the United States government to give. And the only way they can take it away is through force and violence. I ask you, can a country call itself free if its government uses violence to deny freedom? Therefore, if anyone thinks that freedom comes from the United States government, he is mistaken.

Secondly, there is the notion that freedom is provided by or defended through the deaths of hundreds of thousands of the United States military personnel. We hear this all the time right now, with election season in full swing. “People died for your right to vote!” Oh?  How so? I did not see any naval vessels from Afghanistan or Iraq blockading American coasts, demanding ballot boxes be surrendered or they would open fire. When did North Vietnam demand the United States stop voting? Was it one of the stated mission goals of al-Qaida to stop voting in the United States? This is the very first aspect of the illusion. It is one of the most unchallenged because to challenge this deception causes emotional outbursts from people who cling to the notion those people did not die in vain for a failed U.S. foreign policy gambit. And a foreign policy gambit that would soon be proven as a lie, such as the Vietnam War.

What is said, also, is this: “Our brave military defends our freedom!” Oh, come now. Our freedom never was at stake in these wars. These wars were all about foreign policy objectives the United States government deceives the people into believing crucial to freedom. Objectives hatched by shadowy government officials that, had they been in Germany in the 1930s, would be known as the architects of the Final Solution today. Let us be clear. One does not attack a nation that has not attacked you and then call yourself somehow better than the Germany and Japan of World War Two. There is no difference between the 1939 invasion of Poland and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. You simply cannot call such actions defending freedom. This is an illusion geared to keeping the poor enlisting to go shoot other poor people whose natural resources the United States government wants but does not wish to pay for like ethical human beings would.

In fact, this is a very serious mistake. This mistake is what has gotten us into a never ending war that will continue on for decades. Or, at least, until the United States government finally collapses from its own errors and the rest of the world breathes a collective sigh of relief. But the American people celebrate these errors and cheer them on. There is a cult that has been built around it, somewhat similar to the pagan cults of Ancient Rome. It is one part worship of emperor, one part worship of Ares/Mars. The American flag becomes an idol that people bow down to and genuflect before and if anyone does not, that person is reviled and suspected as “un-American”. Thus, the government can do whatever it wishes to do around the globe, killing who it wishes, sacrificing the Americans it needs to, and because the word “freedom” is attached to it, people support it. Why? Because they are clinging to this pathetic idea that freedom comes from the death of American military personnel and is then handed down by the patronage of the United States government.

Finally, these two illusions are the two major reasons the United States government remains so powerful and is basically worshipped by a captive population enslaved to these illusions. Until these two illusions are defeated within the mind, the United States government will remain answerable to no one and in total control.