Trump in a Landslide

We live in a world of vast and sometimes instantaneous changes. I know well that unpredictable, great events could stop Trump from becoming U.S. President in this Great Global Crisis we face. The danger of assassination by “accident” alone is a major risk he faces.

But the probability that Trump and Pence will win by a landslide and bring in veto-proof Republican majorities in the Senate and House is now quite high and overshadows other possible outcomes.

There are many major factors that support this conclusion.

1. Hillary faces immense problems now just trying to survive a series of fierce debates, speeches, etc.

2. There are many major legal and immense corruption challenges she and all her close associates face in these two months before the election.   

Assange will hit her with horrific e-mails. Judicial Watch will do the same. Major Congressional exposes will hit her and the FBI. et al.

Charles Ortel, Jack Kelly and other major analysts will hit her and the Foundation and masses of associates with analyses showing they have committed crimes greater than all previous U.S. political crimes at the top combined, possibly involving $100billion in corrupt payoffs and even treason.

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3. The stress of all of this is already killing them and this will all cause them awful anxieties that will destroy their thinking and reactions.

4. Trump’s Army of Fierce Rebels against all that slime and corruption is already huge, passionate and growing very fast.

5. The Demo’s Monopoly Media have been the mainstay of their vast Lies, but even it is now rapidly disintegrating.

6. While Hillary and her forces fumble and crumble ever more completely, Trump and his Army are now well organized and becoming fiercely effective, as seen in their 2-day rush onto mass screens with a powerful expose of Hillary’s insane attack on that vast Trump Army.

7. Trump’s forces are issuing serious, professional task force reports and major proposals almost every day.

8. As Trump forces tip the balance more and more rapidly in their favor, millions of fence sitters and holdouts are rushing to  join the winners. As these Trump supporters surface in ever greater waves, even Never Trumpers among the Neo-Con Republicans will rush to join to avoid being disappeared forever from American politics.

9. Foreign leaders will rush to get on good terms with Trump, as Nieto and Putin have done. Big Money will pour in with no strings attached from rich friends to support get-out-the-vote armies.

10. Trump will be able to “cool” his own attacks on “Poor Hillary” et al. and become the benign elder Family Leader he loves to be.

11. Trump and his passionate Army of American Lovers will then begin their devoted rebuilding of our beloved nation.