A Big Damned Difference

A reader – a Libertarian friend – chastises me for supporting Trump over Hillary; for supporting any candidate who isn’t a principled Libertarian. I thought some of you might be interested in a principled Libertarian’s thoughts on this business:

Dear X –

Here’s a stark difference to consider: Hillary is a murderer. A mass murderer. By proxy, yes – but a murderer, nonetheless. Eager to have people killed. Arguably, more guilty of murder than Julius Streicher – who was hanged for merely inciting murderous hatred. Hillary has ordered people killed. Has literally reveled in the murder-by-sodomy of Quaddafi, which she helped to orchestrate.

She is an obvious psychopath. Worse than The Chimp, even. And The Chimp was pretty got-damned awful.

Trump is arrogant, a blowhard. He may be a dick. But he hasn’t killed anyone that I am aware of, either himself or by proxy.

He doesn’t seem eager to get the US involved in more wars. Hillary does.

If she is elected, more people will die – a certainty.

Myths, Misunderstandings and Outright lies about owning Gold. Are you at risk?

With Trump, they may not.

That’s a big got-damned difference, in my book.

Here’s another: If elected, Hillary will, for a certainty, pick at least two and probably three Supreme Court justices who share her Mao/Stalin/Hitler-esque views on the right of other-than-government-workers to possess firearms. You and I and other not-government-workers who currently possess firearms will almost certainly be declared criminals by judicial (or executive) fatwa if that woman is elected. She will do everything within her power – which will be effectively limitless – to disarm us and criminalize us if we object. Roll these names over in your head: Justice Feinstein… Justice Schumer… Justice Obama.

Trump seems disinclined to disarm us. He has consistently defended our right to possess firearms. It is probable he would select justices who share his views. He almost certainly would not appoint someone like Feinstein, Schumer or Obama to the Supreme Court.

That’s a big got-damned difference, in my book.

I do not think Trump would attempt to forcibly “diversify” every county, town and neighborhood in the country – by forcibly importing the Section 8 divisions of the Free Shit Army. Or by importing “refugees” into every nook and cranny of America. Trump appears to believe in free association. We know for a fact that Hillary does not believe in free association.

That, too, is a big got-damned difference in my book.

Which of the two do you suppose is more likely to defend and expand Obamacare? There is a decent chance that Trump would at least attempt to dismantle it. Do you think there is any chance Hillary will attempt to dismantle Obamacare? Keep in mind that Obamacare provides the necessary pretext for the government-insurance mafia combine to control and micromanage every aspect of our lives. It is the end of whatever privacy/autonomy as individuals we still retain. Some of you may recall that when Hillary was first lady and pushing the precursor to Obamacare, she proposed making it a criminal offense to seek (or provide) medical treatment outside the government “plan.”

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