A Good Guy With a Gun Preventing a Mass Shooting

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New Hampshire – Not only has this happened before (and before that, and before that, and so on …), but events last week in South Carolina presented just one more example of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun.

During an altercation outside a club, a man pulled a gun and began firing indiscriminately into a crowd of onlookers. The bad guy struck no less than three innocent people before one of the innocents who was taking fire was able to use his legally carried firearm to stop the madness. The good guy wounded the would-be mass shooter before he was able to actually kill anyone. Fortunately, all of the shooter’s victims will survive, but if all of those club-goers had taken the left’s advice on personal protection, some would surely be dead.

It’s true: what was about to develop into another tragic mass shooting was instead cut short by a good guy with a gun. One thing of important note about this incident is that it did not occur in a “self-protection-free zone” Ultimate Belly Band Ho... Buy New $19.97 (as of 05:30 UTC - Details) (otherwise known as a “criminal empowerment zone,” or what the anti-gun crowd likes to call a “gun free zone”).

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Click here to read more about this story, and never let those who would deny your Natural right to self-defense tell you that a “good guy with a gun” is a fairy tale, or that only police are well enough trained to stop evil in its tracks.

Although largely ignored by the gun hating press, these stories, and similar stories involving personal self-defense, and the halting of potential mass shootings, happen all the time. Thank goodness for that.

But yet, with this as a backdrop, Senator Kelly Ayotte is still pushing a plan to disarm law abiding people based on mere suspicion. Scott and I have been telling you about the Ayotte gun ban plan for the past 2 weeks.

Click here and here for those reports. Even though last week a federal judge said that: “the process surrounding the federal government’s “no-fly list” is unconstitutional.”

Senator Ayotte is still pushing her gun ban agenda. Her behavior is shameful considering that she took an oath to support and defend the Constitution and six years ago she promised to protect the civil right to be armed.

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