Welcome to the Cold War on Terror

So, here we are again, am I right? Another ISIS terrorist attack in Europe. I wonder what President Obama will call this one? Road rage, perhaps? Extreme drunk driving? However, what this attack has just demonstrated is that the Democratic “plan” to “stop” such attacks by banning certain firearms will not work. Now, we knew that, of course. But over in Nice, this dude just killed dozens of people using a tractor trailer. A truck of mass destruction.

See here, okay? You cannot stop terrorist attacks from a highly motivated, obviously very innovative, and extremely adaptable group that basically operates without a cadre giving the orders. This is basically a leaderless army. A flock of seagulls operates with more leadership than ISIS. Now here was the United States government boasting just a few days ago that there had been a “major victory” against ISIS. Well, it would appear someone didn’t get the email, what?

Anyone with eyes to see understands that—hel-LO!!—focusing on the guns has been a Democrat distraction to fool people into thinking that they’ve got a solution. Oh, and the pesky Republicans are also to blame because they are road-blocking efforts for “common sense gun laws”. Again, there has just been a major terrorist attack using a common freight-hauler truck. Not a truck bomb, but the truck itself. Obviously, any street fair, festival, or parade is no longer safe since ISIS has just cracked open the door on the next generation of terrorist attacks.

Now, the Palestinians over in Israel have been using common household knives in single person-on-person attacks. That’s another thing you can’t defend against or legislate. What terrorists have been teaching the West is that they can adapt more rapidly than a virus. What will world governments say about this latest attack? Ban trucks? Huh, good luck with that. They’ll move on to something else. Perhaps they’ll want to equip cops with RPG-7s now, who knows? But we are, again, missing the entire point.

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The entire point is this: This entire thing was created by the United States foreign policy in the Middle East and Western Europe, equally foolish, went right along with it, too. That’s why they’re getting hit. That’s why the United States is getting hit. A lot of other countries in the world have not been targeted by ISIS. That would be due to the fact they mind their own business. It is obvious that if the United States and Europe would exit the Middle East, this whole thing would come to an end in time. As it is, the United States and Europe are only seeing the beginning of these attacks. They will continue for at least twenty years going into the future, no matter how much ISIS is “defeated”.

How will you be able to tell ISIS is “defeated” anyway? What, they’re going to sign the usual cease-fire the United States uses to wiggle its way out of unpopular wars? And how is the United States even going to get a victory? The United States has not won a hands-down victory since World War Two. We’ve been in Afghanistan long enough that it’s a war that dads can hand down to their sons in their wills. We defeated Saddam but lost the populace. And it is from that very war that ISIS manifested. You don’t think a highly-skilled combat force just got all that proficiency against modern armies through an online college, do you?

Yes, ISIS learned valuable skills from people that had fought the United States in Iraq. They took those skills into Syria and, gosh, played the United States into believing they were “moderates” and garnered weapons, ammunition, and more training on defeating modern armies from the U.S. government. How, exactly, can the United States defend against an entity it trained to fight a guerrilla war against modern armies, much less defeat that entity? The United States foolishly thought this was the Contras it was dealing with. This isn’t Daddy Reagan’s the Middle East, people. And the Contras were in Central America and not motivated by a radical religious ideal.

Again, how are they going to defeat ISIS? We still haven’t heard what this “plan” is beside banning guns in America, arming more terrorists in Syria, airstrikes dropping bombs on tumbleweeds, telling Assad to step down in Syria, and refusing to acknowledge terrorist attacks have already begun in the United States. Gosh, Pop, that’s a swell plan! I bet ISIS is already crapping adobe bricks. That’s the game plan?! If this was a game people were betting on, no one would bet on the United States to win unless they were new to gambling and sports.

I think it’s time to open negotiations with ISIS and see what it is that they want in return for an end to these attacks. Oh, I know, that’s a horrible thought. But have we seen an end to terrorism since the “War On Terror” began in 2001? People, it has been FIFTEEN YEARS! We threw in the towel on the Vietnam War after about ten years of actual combat! Not only is al-Qaida still around, but now we’ve got ISIS, too! And why? Because of our foreign policy in the Middle East. That is the root cause behind this all. But the reason the government will not try and find out what ISIS wants is because they’ll be told to leave the Middle East.

So, welcome to the Cold War On Terrorism. This is Phase Two of the War On Terror. Like the Cold War, the civilians are the targets while the politicians and generals will hide in underground bunkers safe. Along with their families, of course. If people were nostalgic for the Cold War hysteria of the 1950s, then they’ll be thrilled. People will probably soon be selling “terrorist attack shelters” for the backyard and other nifty Civil Defense tchotchkes. That’s what Homeland Security is: Civil Defense for the new Cold War.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a new emergency broadcast system that uses reverse-911 calling to warn people of a terrorist attack on their cell phones like weather alerts are already sent about flash floods. The television will also return to: “We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an urgent warning from the Homeland Security Emergency Broadcast System. A terrorist attack is in progress at the Shady Groves Mall. Repeat, a terrorist attack is in progress at the Shady Groves Mall. If you are outside your home, you are ordered to go to a public attack shelter immediately. Otherwise, stay in your homes until the All-Clear is sounded…” The only problem with this is that the government will have to use the phrase “terrorist attack” and not “violent extremist gun violence”.

This is what we’ve got to look forward to. Because the government cannot admit defeat. Why? Because it foolishly imagines defeating the “other guy” is still possible and can be achieved. But I say again: HOW will you achieve it and HOW will you know ISIS really is gone? Answer those questions, President Napoleon.