Is a Freedom Revolution Possible?

As the clock winds down on what is supposed to be the end of Barack Obama’s valiant attempt to transform America from the world’s only superpower into a banana republic dictatorship, a couple of unforeseen events have occurred.

The first is the totally unexpected appearance of a brash, anti-establishment billionaire who pays homage to no living person or political party and appears to be totally devoid of fear. Contrasted to the bootlicking cowardice of the vast majority of politicians, particularly in the Republican Party, his lack of fear is both astonishing and refreshing.

The other unexpected event is the appearance of a strange new hybrid word spelled B-r-e-x-i-t — the referendum on whether Great Britain should or should not break away from the European Union. Of course, it was supposed to be a mere formality for Britons to vote against exiting, but, as with the Donald Trump phenomenon, the experts completely misjudged the anger and nationalistic fervor of voters. Thus, the polls were once again exposed as little more than propaganda devices.

The bottom line is that after centuries of bondage, everyday people are suddenly revolting against the political criminals who have controlled their lives. Why do so many politicians, including the most power hungry among them, still not understand the phenomenon that is unfolding before their very eyes? Perhaps the prison warden in the film Cool Hand Luke best summed up the disconnect between the corrupt establishment and the general populace when he drawled, “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.”

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While I wouldn’t want to get my hopes too high, I admit that for the first time in my life I see a freedom revolution as a real possibility. Not a probability, but a possibility.

Most of us, when we talk about revolution, think of an uprising from the left. Revolution tends to bring visions of the good old-fashioned kind of uprising that Marx and Engels wrote about in the nineteenth century and Lenin and Trotsky put into action early in the next century.

Since those heady days of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, left-wing revolutions have occurred with regularity throughout the world, with the people in whose name such revolutions have been fought always ending up much worse off than prior to the overthrow of their rulers. To their dismay, the low-information masses have repeatedly found that left-wing revolutions result in poverty, oppression, and a loss of freedom — not to mention torture and death.

Enter communications technology, which has not been kind to the power structure that has been so successful for so long in keeping the average citizen in check. Plain and simple, the Internet has made it possible for too many everyday folks to learn far too much truth in a relatively short period of time and, just as important, given them the ability to spread that truth worldwide virtually instantaneously.

Democratic slaveholders knew how important it was to keep slaves uneducated and uninformed. But today, in rapidly increasing numbers, the sharecroppers on Uncle Sam’s Plantation are becoming educated and more informed. Thus, it is possible that history may someday record that Barack Obama came along fifteen to twenty years too late to accomplish his goal of taking down America. But don’t count him out just yet. The man is superb at his craft.

In other words, let’s not get carried away with current events and prematurely celebrate the overthrow of our masters. Even if the masses succeed in kicking out of office the ruling establishment, it will all be in vain if they are not willing to go all the way. And by all the way, I mean that they must be willing to utter two words that are considered taboo by the media, politicians, and both low- and high-information voters: impeachment and treason.

In the U.S., my concern is that even if Trump becomes president, he will end up yielding to establishment pressure and let Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al escape punishment. In defending their crimes, one of the left’s favorite arguments is, “Oh, c’mon. That’s all in the past, so what difference does it make now? People want us to move on with fixing today’s problems.” It’s a very old trick, but a very cute one.

I’ve heard this kind of clever refrain from both Democrats and Republicans all my life, which is why politicians like Chris Dodd, Tom Daschle, and Barney Frank — to name just a few scoundrels who engaged in massive criminal activity during their stay in office — get off scot-free, then peacefully live off their ill-gotten gains for the remainder of their lives.

If there is to be real change, people like this must be punished to the full extent of the law. Taking the trouble to prosecute lawbreakers and mete out meaningful punishment is an important deterrent to criminal activity. If there are no consequences to criminal behaviour, what motivation do criminals have to change their ways?

But there’s another component to the hint of freedom revolution in the air: Trump and Brexit have reaffirmed something else that most of us already knew — that people are fed up with multiculturalism and want their countries back. They’re not impressed by the Con-Artist-in-Chief making self-serving pronouncements like “This is not who we are.” The arrogance of using the word “we” to speak on behalf of millions of Americans who totally disagree with him is beyond arrogance and narcissism; it’s downright nauseating.

As I have repeatedly pointed out, one of the biggest lies politicians and their media water-carriers have tried to stuff down our throats for decades is that “diversity is America’s greatest strength.” Specifically, they tell us that we must support so-called multiculturalism or we are racists.

Really? Well, I have news for you: Human beings are tribal by nature. They don’t want to live side by side with people who do not share their culture — which includes, above all, their values.

Note that I used the word culture rather than race. Personally, I don’t know anyone who evaluates people on superficial differences such as the amount of pigmentation in their skin. What the hell does the color of a person’s skin have to do with his worth as a human being? Absolutely nothing.

But a person’s cultural beliefs are an entirely different matter. America used to be a melting pot where people came here and willingly adopted American culture and values. That’s what made America a melting pot.

Today, however, thanks to the nefarious actions of globalists in both major parties, America has been intentionally Balkanized. Which is great for politicians, because when the populace is divided, it’s much easier to conquer.

The one little reality of life that true-believing globalists can’t seem to grasp is that every nation and every culture, like every individual, will always act in its own self-interest when differences arise. “We are the world” is a nice thought and all that, but neither ISIS nor economic reality are swayed by such radical-left gibberish.

Which is why, if there is to be a true freedom revolution, an important step would be for the United States to not only drop out of the world’s most corrupt political organization (repeat, political), the United Nations but kick the entire den of thieves out of the country. Let the globalist criminals set up shop elsewhere to do their dirty work.

So, is it possible that we really are in the early stages of a freedom revolution? Again, yes, I think it’s possible … but doubtful.

I say doubtful because, notwithstanding the existence of the Internet, probably at least half the public is either too stupid (i.e., lacking in intelligence), too ignorant (i.e., lacking in knowledge), too prone to envy and avariciousness, too immoral, and/or too irrational to embrace the notion of living in a totally voluntary society in which the supreme law of the land makes it clear that force or violence, or the threat of force or violence, is illegal and is to be dealt with swiftly and harshly — especially in the case of politicians.

Having said all this, Americans should focus on first things first. And the first order of business is to stick a large finger in the tyranny dyke by making sure that no more anti-constitutionalist radicals will be appointed the Supreme Court because a couple more of those would make everything else moot.

Something to think about long and hard between now and November 8.

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