Naked and Afraid – Government Uncut!

As usual, Justin Raimondo is insightful and accurate.  He is bold and honest in a world where honesty and courage are rare.  With links to primary sources, he succinctly explains the failed and failing Iraq war, and the US Syria agenda – and ties it to U.S. presidential election sloganeering.

The truth is not “out there,” it’s right here:

“[Trump gets] the largely unknown history of our intervention in Syria, where Hillary Clinton was the jihadists’ best friend and benefactor. It was she who led the charge to “liberate” Syria, to arm the “moderate” head-choppers and do to that war-torn wreck of a country what she had done to Libya.”

The icing on that dirt cake came Friday with the New York Times’ publication of an internal State Department memo demanding (DEMANDING!) that the U.S. go to war with renewed vigor against the Assad regime in Syria.  These diplomats demand “that the United States, guided by our strategic interests and moral convictions, lead a global effort to put an end to this conflict once and for all.” Hidden History: An Exp... Donald Jeffries Best Price: $8.00 (as of 07:20 EST - Details)

51 so-called diplomats signed this memo, yet their names are not included.  Fascinatingly, this document is considered a “dissent.”  Bureaucrats demanding more war, more vicious regime change, more killing, more destruction of cities and countryside in the Middle East, more permanent scarring of whole populations and long-term environmental damage to the region, more destruction of societies, of Middle East Christianity, and of economies, and more crime – warmongers employed by a warmongering state are demanding more warmongering in league with ISIS and al Qaeda and that is called DISSENT!?

The tender millennials who need “safe spaces” are modern Vikings compared to the aging self-serving puerile psychopathic narcissism of Washington, D.C.

Of course, I demand whistleblower protections be immediately provided to all 51 of these public employees and appointees, and that they be removed from their jobs for their own safety and to secure their 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment rights.  Names, please?

Well, we know why we can’t know their names, beyond the fact that Hillary deserves her privacy.  This secrecy is a good sign for those of us who sincerely want the gang of thieves writ large, most if not all of the federal government in this country, to disappear like dew on a hot morning, to evaporate, desiccate, shrivel, and collapse.

It’s a good sign, even if we don’t want the despicable federal government to go away.  But I can’t imagine anyone in this country not agreeing that inside the beltway is a roiling festering infectious mass that needs a careful draining, and permanent excision.

This “dissent” of the 51 ambassadors is shared by deep-rooted and persistent republican neoconservatives who publicly support the vicious warmonger Hillary Clinton, from Bill Cristol to Laura Bush, and the rest of the clan.  Many more so-called Republicans privately support her, because they are heavily invested in the status quo of big government and global war.  It’s a large and ugly clan, parasitical, unproductive and noticeably aging, and they are getting very nervous.

They are nervous about getting found out, getting in trouble, and getting blamed.  For a long time, the wool was easily pulled over the eyes of the part of the American populace that was paying attention, and many were simply not.  But as media controls, those valuable stovepipes of news channels and newspapers, have dissipated and weakened, people in this country, as around the world, are getting more information from their own research and from talking to their networks and families.  So after 15 years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere, after watching and participating from afar in regime changes in Eastern Europe, and while doing all this in a recessionary economy where someone like Bernie Sanders can demand free stuff to joyful roars from millions, well, we the people are now just a bit more informed about what is causing our political, economic and spiritual malaise.  It is our government, and its lies, its murders, its wars, its theft from us, and its contempt for us.  Bernie may want more government, but his supporters seem to simply want the government to serve America first.

Where else have we heard that theme?

Our “leaders” are justifiably nervous about their future and afraid of us.   This is as it should be, of course, but this is a rare combination historically, and given the size and murderous power and intent of our government today, this is incredibly dangerous for we the people.

Luckily, ruling over people is a lot harder than it used to be.  Herding cats is much easier.  For every national security letter or military or domestic mishap that people are sworn to secrecy over, there are ten thousand facts floating freely, and a million or ten or twenty million who just don’t care about what the government says.  That’s how all dictatorships and empires end.  It is how ours will end too, ideally sooner rather than later.

karen head shot benchFor every neocon in Washington and New York, plotting global death and lining their pockets in the war and bureaucratic growth industry, there are ten million people who vote with their lives – by not joining the military or worshipping it, by thoughtfully watching their local police and federales, by angrily observing the decay and rottenness of the modern state’s involvement in their health care, their mobility, their retirement, their job opportunities, their food, drugs, farms and gardens.  For every narcissistic neocon diatribe of needing more war and murder and spending by the warfare-welfare state, a hundred million Americans are speaking amongst themselves about the economic and social inequalities between government employees versus the people who pay their salaries who struggle to make a productive living, start or maintain or grow a business, hire help legally, share with their children and their community what they know and have.

The 51 striped suits who love war and intervention and federal taxing and borrowing, and who fear there isn’t enough of that to go around, are not dissenters.  But they are indeed canaries in the mine.  May they soon be silenced for lack of oxygen, and let their brothers in government escape in time.  Or not.  I stand with the hundred million in this country who will just be happy to get on with our lives with a lot less government harping about all the war they need to feel good about themselves.

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