The Real Orlando Aftermath Will Come From The Government

I did a radio interview Thursday on The Kate Dalley Show and we talked about the Orlando article I did here on Lew Rockwell this week. Kate asked the thought-provoking question of what the government might seek to gain or try and do after this event. Well, last night, I  pondered this some more, and I’ve come up with some theories on what we might see next.

1.) GUN CONTROL: I would actually be more surprised if the federal government did not attempt to pass a total ban on certain firearms, specifically the AR-15 and all variants of it. I would tend to think they’re going to shoehorn in the ban under an “anti-terrorism” measure; maybe provisions exist to do so already under interpretations of the Patriot Act. Or just sign an executive order that puts them into Class 3 weapon status. We may also see databases created to track firearms purchases by make and model, perhaps even more intrusive background checks that include an examination of medical records. I think the days of the AR-15 are numbered. This weapon has just been vilified more than Iran’s nuclear power plant.

2.) SYRIA INVASION: If the government needed the pretext to invade Syria, well, here it is. I would tend to look for, in the coming days, “proof” that ISIS is encouraging these terrorist attacks by these so-called “homegrown extremists” from bases inside Syria. It also pays to know a very quiet build-up of U.S. military forces in the region is already in progress and has been for several months now. Obama has said that if the situation in Syria did not “improve”, the United States would need to step in. Right, of course, who didn’t see that coming? There are already several U.S. diplomats calling for an invasion of Syria to “confront” Assad—as if Assad was the culprit here! Fascinating!! These clowns will believe anything! Quick, hey you United States DIP-lomats, I have discovered the Fountain Of Youth! I am selling water from it for the one-time price of $500,000 a pint. Shipping and handling not included, of course.

Amazing! These people probably believe in unicorns, too! Oh, by the way, I’ve seen those, here in the desert. I’m selling postcards with photos of them for $7.99 each and Jackalopes for only $79.99. I mean, if you’re going to believe Assad caused these attacks and invading Syria will stop them, I’ve got lots of other mythical stuff to sell you. But in the world of myths, the United States government excels in the telling. Remember Iraq’s nuclear weapons program of 2003? Or Iran’s right now? Or Vladimir Putin and Assad both being Hitler? What, have they got to share that title, or is like a Siamese twins kind of thing? But here’s the proof.  So, like I also said here on Lew Rockwell, too. I think we’re headed into another war.

3.) FEDERAL POLICE PRESENCE: I think this presents the feds with yet another excuse to create yet another redundant federal police agency. Perhaps a “Federal Anti-Terrorism Task Force” or “Homeland Police Authority”. Or perhaps just better militarizing units already within Homeland Security and placing them on the streets. To what end? Probably we’ll be getting carpal tunnel from pulling out our IDs so many times (slowly, so you don’t get shot by a fed cop) at various places. Now, they won’t want to interfere with consumer spending, but they can do these stop-and-checks at large public events and so on. And the average American will just suck it all up and submit like they do at the airport.

I think also we’ll see in the coming weeks a call for a true federal ID card with which all movement can be tracked. There’s a lot this can do. For example, employment or firearms purchases may not be possible without the card. Bank accounts will not be possible without it. It’ll be linked to everything from credit to purchases, to buying tickets for anything from a concert to a train trip. It’ll have a magnetic strip which a federal cop can swipe and it’ll tell him everywhere you’ve been and what you’ve bought. So if he asks you where you’re coming from and you answer wrong, off you go. It might even have a tiny tracking chip in it. Several states will oppose this, but all the feds need to do is cut off their highways money and Obamacare funding and they’ll all come crawling on hands and knees to Uncle Scam.

4.) WATCH WHAT YOU SAY: Look, it’s going to come to pass that anything they can construe as a “threat” is going to result in being hauled in for questioning. Once they do this a few times, people will stop questioning anything the feds do and it’ll become “normal” to them. “Gosh, we need to be safe” and, to that end, the average American will probably agree to being ear-tagged like a hog on a feedlot. I think the feds could lock these people up in their homes and as long as people could order crap off the internet, download stupid songs, and text dumb messages to friends, they’d be okay with it.

5.) MORE LAWS: Yes, this one almost goes without saying. I think we’ll start seeing more laws manifesting in the very near future. Gun control is obvious. Ammunition purchases would probably be another they’ll seek to curtail. Maybe even magazine purchases, which would be the most logical next step for them to take, as weird as that sounds. But I think we’ll start seeing more laws that restrict and govern what can and cannot be said over the internet. I would think that since these shooting attacks occur amongst large gatherings, there might be metal detectors and frisks just about everywhere in the near future. Plus showing ID at the door. Those will be laws businesses must comply with. There might even be laws that dictate mandatory “counseling” (incarceration in a psychiatric hospital) for anyone deemed “hostile” or “aggressive”. I also think we’ll soon see an end to medical privacy laws and the feds will have full access to all medical records.

6.) PATRIOT ACT: Don’t forget this gem, which almost expired but got restored thanks to the “USA FREEDOM Act”, another masterpiece of Orwellian Doublespeak. This is a plug-and-play police state as we all know. All it takes is a “national emergency”. Well, guess what? The government is probably about to say we’ve got one.

If you look at the history of al-Qaida, their attacks only grew in scale until we had the massive attack on 9/11 that resulted in the Patriot Act and the creation of Homeland Security. Therefore, we can pretty much predict with accuracy there will be another ISIS-inspired terrorist attack that will be larger in scale than Orlando. Thus, we might see not only the Patriot Act put into practice, but another law even more restrictive than it is passed in the wake of a future attack that is bigger than Orlando.

Look, these attacks are going to continue and they’re only going to grow in scale. Now we know that these attacks would end if the government pulled out of the Middle East. Indeed, ISIS began when the government armed and funded groups that became ISIS way back in 2011-2012 with the purpose of toppling Bashar al-Assad. Our government imagines that it controls these groups and uses them like tools. But, in fact, these groups use the United States government to acquire weapons and money and, once they are in a position to do so, give the United States government the high hat and rebel against it and attack the United States itself. This was exactly the case with al-Qaida, and it is the case with ISIS now. Being that the government will certainly not abandon the Middle East, we can then know with certainty that these attacks will continue and grow in size. We saw that with al-Qaida.

The government, in the coming days, will tell the American people that the government can keep them safe. This is dead wrong. This government cannot protect you from one of these attacks if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Don’t forget, the FBI, the government itself, KNEW the Orlando shooter. Now, yes, isn’t that rather convenient, not to mention suspicious? Just like they knew the 9/11 hijackers within hours afterward. But the government will soon come forward and assure us that they can protect us if only certain laws are passed. And the clock is ticking, so don’t read them, just pass them. “You have to pass it to see what police state is in it!”, some ditzy politician will assure us. Bravo! This is a performance better than any I could have gotten a top-billed Broadway play! Say, where does a fellah get a program for this performance? I’m having trouble keeping track of the cast of characters. And I’m fresh out of popcorn.

Safety is what these people will want, though. I would bet dollars to donuts that the American people will probably be convinced the answer lies in banning these “weapons of war” as Hillary called them. People will forget that the biggest terrorist attack we had was carried out using airline tickets. And that the government knew those guys, too, just like they knew the Orlando shooter. I mean, come on, man, really?! Seriously?! They’re going to protect us from the terrorists they created, and the answer is also to bomb Assad, whom they created terrorists to destroy? But I suspect people are all good and scared and ready to do whatever it takes so they can stop clenching their buttocks in fear and stop ruining good shirts with sweat stains. So, any or all of the above are what we’ve got to look forward to.

The American people can be counted upon to cower in fear every time, then pop their heads up only long enough to yell, “These colors don’t run!” They’re going to start screaming for the government to “Do something!” and that is exactly what the government wants them to say. If these people were cows, within four months, they’d all be sitting there in the meat display case over at Food Bazaar crowing about how “free” they are. And, gee, how swell it is to be taken care of so well by the government. Ok, so it meant being turned into cube steak, but at least they’re safe, right? Right, and these colors don’t run—at least not until we sign the cease-fire and run with our tails between our legs. Then ten years later, we’ll claim it as a victory and sell t-shirts crowing about it. Meanwhile, all the great patriots will line up for their USA Red-Blooded American Freedom Isn’t Free Federal ID Card.

Just like the endless loudspeaker announcements at the airport, we’ll probably be hearing the same all over now: “Federal ID cards must be presented to any federal officer. Lying to a federal police officer is a federal crime punishable by indefinite detention in an undisclosed location. Warning–leaving bags unattended is a federal crime. If you see unattended bags, you must report them to a federal officer. Homeland Security has ordered that any hostile or suspicious persons be reported immediately to federal police officers. Warning—failure to report unattended bags or hostile persons to federal authorities are federal crimes punishable to indefinite detention. Warning—failure to carry your federal ID card at all times is a crime punishable by indefinite detention…”