People have asked me what political party I belong to, or what political philosophy I believe in. The answer to that is “none”. I believe in none of them at all. I have abandoned the government altogether and the political system as a whole. “Oh, really?! Then why do you write about them?” Because I have no proverbial “dog in the fight”, and I don’t really care who wins, be it an election or a war. I call it as I see it and, further, because I don’t really care what popular culture or society thinks, I am not bound by worries about those concepts.

Now, with the government, they need people paying attention to them non-stop. Their constant need for attention and ego-stroking is rather like a spoiled eight-year-old used to being told how great his woefully poor grades are by permissive parents. The government requires constant input and interaction because they are pretty much the same creature as Hollywood celebrities. This is the whole premise behind voting: It’s like the Academy Awards, except for politics. Best Supporting Actor is what we call the Vice-President and so forth. The government even relishes being the “bad guy” and being criticized as such, as long as this is coming from the “other side” of the political spectrum. What they really don’t like, though, is being called out on their poppycock and then ignored.

If you abandon the government and, indeed, the entire concept of one, you will see the illusion for what is actually is: A very poorly-crafted charade by which we are led to believe we have a say in the government. However, this is the same government that has the power to jail you over non-violent offenses like failing to register your car or smoking weed. Therefore, what power do you truly have, I ask? No, this entire enterprise is to be abandoned and ignored as much as possible. What do we honestly need from this government that they alone supply? Protection? From whom? They create the enemies they protect us from, yet, who protects us from this government itself? No one does. The fraud is obvious.

See, the government is actually not threatened by rebels or opposition parties. Because those people simply want a different government. However, in the end, it is still a government they want. What really scares the government is someone who sees nothing he needs from a government whatsoever. Such a person could be slandered, criticized, blamed, or threatened by the government and this man does not care. Neither would he feel anything if the government praised him or promised something because he would know the government is merely trying to convince him to believe in the government. In fact, when one abandons the government, he neither cares if he is slandered or praised by the government because the government is not a concept to which he is attached.

What then? Do we go on believing in this government and interacting with it? Only so far as the obligations we must distastefully endure or deal with in order to have them rid from the doorstep. Ok, here’s your tax money, now go away. Vote? To what end? Another con artist? As much as possible, one needs to abandon any attachments to the government as possible. The government obviously plays for attention, which is why elections are such a spectacle of infantile silliness and the vulgar antics of has-been celebrities. This is to be abandoned and ignored. If one participates in this, then why is one surprised when they deliver what the campaign so aptly demonstrated was to come? That being, sheer stupidity, a couple no-win wars, more taxes, and political corruption.

Take for example the concept of automobiles. Some people have no choice but to drive. But, for myself, I have discovered that a bicycle needs no driver’s license, vehicle registration, or insurance. I am free from government interference to use this vehicle. Therefore, I have succeeded in abandoning one aspect of government life-charting, movement tracking, and money confiscation. There are many government laws that I am now free from and my vehicle cannot be impounded for infractions, not that many of those exist for this vehicle. I can drive it without a license or registration as I said. Indeed, this is what we need to look to. Not revolution, not change we can believe in, but a government to be abandoned and ignored. Change we don’t believe in because there is nothing that needs to be changed or believed in as far as government participation goes.

People are afraid of this concept. “What will we do without the government?!” Oh, I don’t know, be at peace with other nations perhaps. Be less at risk of being fined, jailed, or assessed an endless procession of taxes, fees, penalties, and obligations. This is the genuine reason the government hates voter apathy. They don’t fear voters voting against them. What they fear most is being ignored and made irrelevant. Being made a laughingstock and then walked away from. People that have no need for the government don’t even need a new government, so what can possibly be promised to them? The government operates on promises it then fails to deliver every time. He who abandons the government has realized this and, therefore, no longer desires anything the government allegedly has to offer. Not that he needed anything from the government in the first place.

What has this government given us that we could not do for ourselves? Oh, right, the possibility of a nuclear war that could wipe out the entire planet. That is what the government has given us that we couldn’t do on our own. Every enemy we have has come because the government went over to their countries and provoked them. They didn’t just wake up one day and say, “Gosh, I think I’ll devote my life to killing Americans because I hate freedom!” Excuse me, but the government successfully took away a lot of our freedom quite some time ago. There is little left here for the terrorists to take away. Someone said that if Islamic radicals took over America, they’d force non-Muslims to pay a special tax. Look here, the government already does that to us but they are equal-opportunity taxers. Why, then, are we so afraid of what cannot possibly happen while we just accept what actually does happen? At this point, fine, you want your tax money? Great, here, take it. Then go away.

It’s not that I don’t vote because I don’t think it’ll make a difference. I don’t vote because I have abandoned not only the government but the entire concept of one. I feel sorry for folks that devote their lives to political parties and campaigns. They feel like they’ve saving America. In truth, there is nothing to be saved. It is the government that tells us there is in order to win elections. And saving America from what? What it needs “saving” from is its own government and the political system as a whole. The government to me has as much value as forgotten, torn, and discarded plastic shopping bags blowing across the desert here. They’re not even as valuable as an empty plastic yogurt tub because that is a valuable container that can be cleaned and re-used. This government cannot be cleaned and re-used. Neither can the political system.

Yes, I write about the government. Because the truth must be told. I don’t need to take a side because there is no side in a system as politically clone-ridden as this one. They have all been cloned from the same cell off the buttocks of North America. Some people still aren’t convinced. So, allow me to demonstrate: Hillary Clinton just said that she will help all the working people in America who are falling into poverty. How? Because she can call on her husband who knows how to do so. What?! Is it her husband running for president, or her? Or both? Excuse me, but her husband has already had two terms as president here. If he was so wonderful and such a veritable Solon of economic wisdom, why then have his economic policies not borne fruit into this future? Because of George W. Bush? Well, Bush has not been president for the past eight years. That dubious honor belongs to Hillary’s former boss, President Barak Obama. How, then, can this individual claim to be concerned with helping the poor when she comes from the same party as Obama and worked for Obama? Again, she is but a clone from the Clinton Administration, though cloned from Bill with a couple gene-splices from Obama.

What, therefore, can Hillary possibly do that would be remarkably different from the same Obama would do or did? Or that Bill did? There are re-tread tires with less mileage than Hillary. The working poor will feel it is their “duty” to vote and maybe vote for her. I have no such duty. For me, the duty does not exist because I am not asleep at the political switch. I have abandoned the switch and couldn’t care less if the train ends up on the wrong track. In truth, it is already on the wrong track and has been for quite some time. Thus, it does not require me, Switchman Jack, to pull the switch at the polling place and vote. I don’t work for this railroad. I’m not even a hobo on it.

But I’ll say this for them: It is supremely hilarious. What makes it so funny is that everyone takes this all so seriously. Even local elections are carried on with the seriousness of a death march. People even cry actual tears! Fascinating! And it’s not even good drama! This is like a grade-school pageant and people act like this is Gone With The Wind. Well, what ended up “gone with the wind” was reality and sanity. Remember those old laugh tracks they had for 1970s sitcoms? As if you needed to hear other people laugh so you knew what was funny and to be laughed at. Yes, it was television Pavlov stuff, but that was the idea. I think we need a laugh track for the entire government. Because if you don’t know this is funny and to be laughed at, you need other people to let you know.

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