The US Presidency is a Donut Shop - Comments on the Candidates (Bernie, Don, Hillary)

People are arguing and fighting. It’s all over the internet and Social Media… Why?

It pains me to see you guys going through this again. Have we learned nothing over these last 30 years? Especially over these last 15 or so? 

Let me paraphrase my buddy, “Louie” to tell you how it is

“The US presidency is just like a donut shop; every few years we get a new shop manager of the donut shop, but we NEVER see who owns the donut shop or the parking lot (That’s the big banks, Oil companies and the Military Industrial Complex). 

These new candidates for donut shop manager come in and always say the same sort of thing: “American’s are fat! We need to become healthy! We need to eat more vegetables! We can change!” And the US public eats it all up. 

Then, after the election circus for donut shop manager ends, the new manager comes in, and he can give lip service to “Change” and eating healthy” all he wants, but it’s just for show. If he doesn’t sell the 24 box of glazed donuts, he’s out of a job.” 


The public foams at the mouth supporting this candidate or that for donut shop manager. Some even take their days off and drive to “conventions” wearing ridiculous-looking hats and waving signs and screaming like idiots. Imagine that! What for?

So they can help their team win.

There’s no way in the world that any new donut shop manager every 4 years is going to come in and change the business plan of the US corporation with over 150 years of imperialism as its profit model. It doesn’t matter if it’s The Don or Bernie. (Sorry, Bernie fans, but you don’t serve as a US senator for over ten years if you are not part of the establishment.)

To think otherwise is delusional and ignores over 150 years of US history.

It seems people have a short memory. Obama was supposedly a Washington outsider too, wasn’t he? He was going to change everything too, wasn’t he? He was going to end the wars, stop over-throwing foreign governments, stop bombing brown-skinned people in the Middle East, and close the prison camps, have a transparent government, not prosecute whistle-blowers, etc…..

How did that work out for you guys?

The system is corrupt through and through. All the donut shop owners (The Powers That Be) care about is if the people (the proles) think their vote “matters.”

That’s why we go through this circus (and mass media propaganda) every few years.

Voter participation has been going down steadily for decades. The day less than 20% of the people vote, is the day this system loses all credibility and authority (51% of 20% voters decide the president? 10.5%? Is that a mandate?)

Don’t vote. Your vote doesn’t matter (Bernie won New Hampshire big, but still Hillary got the most delegates, remember?)

“If voting could change things, it would be illegal” is a saying sometimes attributed to Mark Twain… It is a saying that is at least 160 years old. Think about it. It pains me to see you getting suckered into this nonsense again. No offense, my friends.

Finally, I will admit that I think Hillary is evil incarnate, a criminal and complete scum-of-the-earth, hence she is the most qualified to be US president.

Oh and by the way, if you are from another country, don’t think your government isn’t a donut shop either… OK, maybe not donuts, maybe Belgian Waffles, Tootsie rolls or Swizzle sticks.

For further reference, please refer to George Carlin on The American Dream.

You might enjoy this too. Doug Stanhope on Liberty.

-Thanks to Lew Rockwell for the inspiration, the quotes and for waking me up to the farce. 

  -For my dear friends Kevin Hammontree, Jason Brown, James Santagata, Thomas Chartier, Carole Hisasue, Tony Cortez and Johnny Brewton.