Powerful Earthquakes Occurring Every Day Reflect A Planet in Deep Transition

Five strong earthquakes have jolted Asia in the last several days. There have been 16 major earthquakes measuring 6.0 or higher in April alone and nine in the last seven days. The two biggest in this unprecedented wave of serious shakers just happened over the weekend in Ecuador with a mammoth 7.8 earthquake killing at least 77 people and a 7.0 in Kumamoto on Kyushu Island in southern Japan where three large earthquakes in three days have struck killing at least 41 people. Within the last two weeks, the tiny South Pacific island of Vanuatu alone has been hit with five major quakes. Four days ago a powerful 6.9 quake hit Myanmar killing two. And now with seven major shakers just in the last 96 hours alone killing at least 120 people, both laypeople and scientists alike  are growing more concerned about what may be coming next. 

On April 25th, it will be one year ago since that deadly 7.8 earthquakes in Nepal resulted in over 9,000 fatalities. But so far 2016 appears to even be more disastrous with seven 7.0 or larger earthquakes and 40 6.0 and larger ones already striking the earth’s surface. The epicenters of over half of the most serious earthquakes within the last 30 days have been relatively shallow (within 20 km or less than 12.4 miles from the earth’s surface), causing even more violent upheaval and earthly destruction. And all but a couple of the 20 largest earthquakes 6.0 or higher observed within this last month have erupted along the Pacific Ring of Fire in South America, Alaska, but mostly in Asia at a rate not seen in centuries, indicating cataclysmic earth changes currently taking place inside the earth’s core and crust that could be reacting to cataclysmic changes occurring within our solar system causing the Pacific tectonic plates to be simultaneously rupturing in multiple locations under intense built up pressures. Angels Don’t Pla... Manning, Jeane Best Price: $2.33 Buy New $21.97 (as of 08:35 EST - Details)

In 1973, there were only 24 earthquakes in the US measuring over 3.0. Between 2009-2015, the number has jumped to 318. And just in the central US alone during the first three months of this year, the number of 3.0 or higher quakes have soared to 226. Scientists at the US Geological Survey (USGS) believe that human activity accounts for this enormous increase of relatively minor to moderate earthquakes in recent years. Whitewater disposal at traditional oil and gas wells are said to be the biggest culprit according to USGS, even more so than earthquakes caused by hydraulic fracking. An increase in so much seismic activity induced by the environment-wrecking energy industry that the USGS now has two distinct maps, one showing manmade earthquakes and the other naturally occurring quakes. The extent to which manmade earthquakes impact the magnitude, frequency and location of natural earthquake zones is believed to be minimal in America since manmade quakes are predominantly in the central US (specifically Oklahoma) and natural earthquakes lie mostly along California’s San Andreas Fault line. In addition to the most populous state California, now seven million more American citizens in six central US states are at increasing risk due to the oil and gas industry. 

With knowledge of deep drilling actually causing earthquakes, a controversial project from a team of seismic scientists from the University of Cardiff has proposed for the first time in history digging into the earth’s mantle just below the crust at a location in the Indian Ocean where the crust has undergone erosion and the middle layer making up most of the world’s inner mass is deemed most accessible at three miles deep from the ocean floor. But because the area is known for its active seismic fluctuation, opposition to the deep drilling fears that it could unleash a major earthquake or volcanic activity. In May 2013, a massive 8.3 earthquake ruptured a full 600 km (near 373 miles deep) in the Sea of Okhotsk producing a major impact as if the epicenter was much shallower. The concern is that the ocean water pouring into the mantle could lead to catastrophe. Thus, many conclude the scientific gain of studying mantle material dwarfs the potential dangers especially since manmade earthquakes are posing an increasing environmental threat causing, even more, earthquakes.  Chemtrails Confirmed William Thomas Best Price: $1.79 Buy New $12.49 (as of 07:45 EST - Details)

There is another more controversial manmade cause of some larger earthquakes in recent years. There is mounting evidence that electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons developed over the last quarter century can heat up known fault lines over targeted areas to cause tectonic plate shifts. The Fukushima disaster, the Chile, and the Haiti earthquakes in recent years are suspected to be EMP induced. This diabolical military use of weapons technology has been uncovered through significant spikes in temperature readings just prior to those unnatural earthquakes. Weather modification and the infamous HAARP technology can pinpoint targeted fault lines using the electromagnetic pulse beams bouncing off the ionosphere and generating concentrated heat for several days on a targeted active tectonic plate that then triggers major earthquakes. The notorious geoengineering spraying of heavy metals used potentially as electrical conductors are believed connected to this destructive technology as well as serving as an obvious soft kill weapon for human eugenics purposes by the ruling elite. 

What does all this unprecedented seismic activity mean? Noted seismologist Roger Bilham at the University of Colorado is warning us about increased risk of earthquakes. In response to this latest barrage of strong seismic activity he commented:

The current conditions might trigger at least four earthquakes greater than 8.0 in magnitude. And if they delay, the strain accumulated during the centuries provokes more catastrophic mega earthquakes.

Despite last year’s devastating Nepal earthquake, the Himalayan region is said to be overdue for an 8.2 earthquake according to disaster experts at India’s Ministry of Home Affairs. The Indo-Burmese plate is colliding with the Himalayan plate causing major stress. A study released in Nature Geoscience said the Nepal quake:

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An increased earthquake frequency is often accompanied by rising number of volcanoes becoming active as currently 38 around the globe are spewing ash clouds and molten lava. 

A mineral physicist named Friedemann Freund conducting research at NASA is exploring a way of providing ample enough warning time at least 24 hours prior to an earthquake. His theory involves detecting ionized air near and just above rock along the San Andreas Fault and in Alaska. Freund has confirmed that “whenever there was a moderate or big earthquake there was indeed a large increase in air conductivity.” His Global Earthquake Forecast System attempts to measure infrared radiation produced by tectonic stress. 

Those believing Nibiru/Planet X is hurtling closer to the earth carrying mile and a half wide asteroids, comets, and meteors that are causing major changes to our solar system would conclude it to be behind this frenzied seismic activity. Sightings of both Planet X and massive asteroids are frequently spotted by both astronomers and amateurs alike these days. With more reputable scientists taking Planet X seriously all the time, the latest pair expressing concern that it could destroy life on earth come from Cal Tech. 

The sudden increasing mass die-offs of countless animals are taking place on a near daily basis, the extreme weather events being witnessed all over the globe such as snow in Southeast Asia, the erratically high seismic activity recently observed at Yellowstone National Park abruptly taken offline and most recent nearby Shoshone River boiling in places where sulfuric acid vents more volcanic activity from the deep underground caldera, there is no doubt many profound and mysterious changes are occurring at an undisputable skyrocketing rate. Rapid changes have been discovered at the earth core that is linked to electromagnetic changes at earth’s surface. So the influx of recent earthquakes and volcanoes are merely consistent with the powerful changes unfolding from both insiders as well as outside the planet. Obviously, destabilizing human events and developments occurring within the corrosive, crumbling political and economic system reflect the much larger transformation occurring on the earth and entire solar system and beyond. 

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