Still Not Getting It

Does the stupidity of establishment Republicans know no end? It appears not. “They still don’t get it” has become something of a cliché in this election cycle. But it’s true — they don’t. In their frantic efforts to stop the Trumpster, Republican power players continue to do one thing after another that only strengthens his support.

I was in disbelief when weak-kneed Mitt Romney, who stands for everything the rebellious Republican base hates about the establishment, went on television and gave a long, rambling, lie-filled speech about Trump. It was not only breathtaking, it was classless.

Trump supporters were ecstatic, but the establishment had no clue that they had just handed DT a huge gift. What more could you possibly ask for than to have MittMan come out against you in a year when the Republican base is furious about being betrayed by the party?

Then there’s the media arm of the establishment. Every time the supercilious Fox crowd — George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Steve Hayes, et al — badmouths DT, it reminds his supporters once again why they so hate the establishment.

Ditto when Robo Rubio made an ass of himself by suddenly morphing into Don Rickles, then following that up by joining forces with Lyin’ Ted and, instead of standing up for Donald Trump’s First Amendment rights, blaming him for the thug-induced rabble-rousing in Chicago.

The result was predictable. Trump proceeded to win four of five states on the second super Tuesday, losing only to John Kasich in his home state of Ohio. You would have thought that the establishment finally got the message, but it was not to be.

On Friday, Obama-fearing Mitt Romney jumped in front of the cameras once again and announced he’s going to vote for Ted Cruz, the guy who for years has been number one on the establishment’s hit list. Granted, Mitt’s vote of confidence could help Cruz win in Mormon-dominated Utah, but it will prove to be a liability almost everywhere else.

Based on their proven track record, it’s my considered opinion that people who believe traditional Republicans are evil to miss the point. Their real problem is not that they’re evil; they are simply stupid — really stupid.

From George Will to Charles Krauthammer … from Bill Kristol to Rich Lowry … from Mush McCain to Gomer Graham … from Tea Party turncoat Nikki Haley to Tea Party turncoat Tim Scott — these guys are clueless. Don’t let their degrees or flair for intellectual prose fool you. Their IQs may be high, but their EQs are in the abyss.

It’s too bad one of Trump’s advisors can’t just convince him to tone down his speech and act presidential, because if he did so, it would be game over. Why? Because his detractors would push him across the finish line with their childish rhetoric. And what great fun it would be to watch their teeth-gnashing and carotid arteries exploding.

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